Vjander Pastel (buns with filling) from Camiguin

       My mom just bought this pastel.  I was expecting the different type of pastel.   The pastel I knew was a  deep fried Brazilian snack which was made of a thin dough envelope and has some fillings inside.  

Although the box states that they offer a variety of other flavors (Ube, Mango, Macapuno, Cheese, Langka, Pineapple, Durian, Guava, Strawberry,Chocolate) , this one had Original Yema Fillings.   I could understand why according to the box, they had received numerous awards.  It was delicious.  The buns where soft and tasty.  The yema filling was not the hard yema, but a soft and wet yema.  It reminded me of buns with condense milk except that this was a bit chunky.  It was great.  Kurt found it too sweet for his taste though.  But for me it was just right.   How about you do you think it's too sweet?