Nerf Games and Contest Toys R' Us Event at Robinson's Midtown Atrium

Last Sunday, my family and I went to Robinson's Midtown and saw a lot of Nerf games set up.  There were a lot of kids and adults lining up just to try.  Of course, I wouldn't miss it out too!  I love shooting games! Remember my post about Lazer Xtreme? (see separate entry)

We tried the toughest one.  If you hit 4 targets you get a special prize.  During our entire stay, no one got the prize!  Though I saw a small kid hit 2 when I couldn't even hit at least 1.  The gun had a short range so you have to shoot it at the right angle to get the projectile to enter the holes.  I also found the pressure to be a bit inconsistent.  Some of my shots were fast some were slow.

The other games were too crowded by little kids so I didn't bother to try. I just watched at how cool Nerf models are.  Wish there were toys like that when I was little.  It lets you aim and shoot and yet it was harmless.

I didn't know how to use a Nerf that looks like a riffle so the small boy behind me thought me how.  It has an air pump so it was powerful that it was very easy to aim at the center for 100 points.  To bad this game didn't have a prize eh?