What's in a name? New Domain Name with Crumpylicious.COM

What's in a name? As newbies in the field, we always looked up to bloggers we've met who have their own domain.  We'd think of them as professionals while, we look at our sames as probies.  We used to think that domain's are just about that.  It's just for formality, aesthetics or just to prove that you could afford buying a domain.

After six months of blogging, we began to realize the importance of having a domain.  Having our own domain name is like having our own real estate while having a subdomain like the one we had at blogger is like leasing a home.  We were at the control and mercy of our lessor.  True, we were just writing for fun but, are we prepared to lose our blog readership when blogger decides to shut down or shut us down?  Of course, not!  Now, we're regretting why we didn't buy our own domain earlier.

We've always wondered when our blog revenues would allow us to purchase a domain.  Well, guess what?  That day might not come anytime soon!  Had we waited, it would have been to late to shift domains.  But, luckily for us, Namecheap.com had a one day promo so I took the liberty to advance some cash for our own domain.

Of course, our late migration to our new domain at http://www.crumpylicious.com had its consequences. We lost our Search Engine Rankings, Page Rank and Alexa Rankings.  Since, we using a disqus as third party comment system, we lost our comments too.  It was also a hassle and time costly.  But, its a great thing that blogger automatically redirects to the new domain because so we didn't lose any traffic.  We're optimistic that with your support, we can regain our Page Rank and Alexa Rankings back again.  We'll keep our posts coming and share with you all our discoveries, encounters and insights.  Hope you could let us know what you think too.  We want to improve ourselves not just in writing but in many other aspects as well.