Multiply's League of Hobbyists organized an event a few weeks back called the League of Hobbyists. Now you might think it's about a hobby right? but the fact that everyone has a different hobby means that they either have to assemble people having the same interest or assemble people who might be interested in the same thing and being Multiply who already established their name in social networking already knows what interest everyone and its none other than making $$$.

Business opportunities is everywhere but what wants to provide is a business you won't be forced to do because you need to but because you want to. Everyone has a hobby, it is something we enjoy, it could be collecting, crafting, cooking it could be anything our heart desires and so why not make a business out of that since we're already doing it right, now so why waste the opportunity?

So together with Mr.Azrael Coladilla who's also an avid toy collector wanted to awaken the minds of everyone to create an opportunity for ourselves by doing something we love to do and making it more worthwhile. 

Some of the hobbyists craft/collection

You can check our previous post on a step by step guide on how to use the new