DPWH Photoshopped Photos Now a Photoshop Craze

After being discovered by netizens that the photos uploaded in the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH Central Office) fan page were merely photoshopped, the issue was raised in every news medium there is.  It even reached Washington Post.  
Photoshopped DPWH Photo

Despite replacing the photo with an unaltered version, posting statements and apologies, many have flooded the fan page with funny photoshopped photos.  Now, there is even a fan page named DPWHERE? supported by over 4,000 photoshopped photo viewers and editors alike.  

Unaltered DPWH photos
They have released so many varieties of photos presenting DPWH in various real and fictional places.  Like in... (*credits to their respective photoshop editors)

Animes (Gundam)

Video Games (Angry Birds)

Movies (Harry Potter)

Cartoons in Cartoon Version (The Flintstones)

Where do you think the photoshopped photos will take them next?