Blog Startup Frustrations and Launching of New Food Blog Tsinoy Foodies

I haven't had the time to post here since my midterms and sudden out of town trip.  I was also busy doing trial and errors making our new food blog "Tsinoy Foodies".  I know its been less than a year since I started this blog but I've forgotten how difficult it is for me to set-up a new blog.  (...and yes! blogger is already the beginner friendly platform!)

Every time I'm encountering these type of ordeals, I regret not learning about "Computer Programming".  Perhaps, I shall pursue that after my MBA and Law degree.  I just have so many ideas overflowing in my mind that can't materialize and that frustrates me a lot.  Figuring things out through online tutorials consumes my scarce and precious time and even then I am not able to achieve how my ideal food blog should look like.

So after weeks of tweaking and giving up on most functionalities that I want to implement, I asked my friends for their comments.  They said it looks exactly like this blog! =( What do you think?  Does it?

Another woes of a new blog is not being recognized by search engines.  This means that the initial blog articles that I publish are for my eyes only.  It's okay for me though, I'm used to being quiet cause I'm a lone wolf type of person.

I'm looking optimistic about Tsinoy Foodies blog though.   Unlike this blog that focuses on our lives, Tsinoy Foodies will focus only in food.  Since we see, love and eat food everyday, I think its a great idea to dedicate a blog for it.  Its a community type of blogs where foodies can share everything they want about food.  I hope you guys check it out and I'm dying to know what you think about it. =)