2-Year Old Girl Name Yueyue Hit And Run Twice in China

This is a disheartening news.  The scene was caught on video. A mini hits Yueyue and runs.  Three people passed by as if they saw nothing.  A few minutes later, she was hit again by a mini truck.  Then, 15 passersby ignore her until a 58-years old lady rag collector named Chen Yianmei gives her aid.  When Chen Yianmei was seeking help from shop to shop to identify the girl, she was told to mind her own business.  She soon calls her mother who rushed her to the hospital.

The first driver hid himself refusing to be arrested.  He even called a report and here is the translated part of the dialogue:

Reporter(R): Are you the one who ran over Yueyue?
Driver (A): I didn’t want that happen either. I’m just a driver.
R: Why did you call her father?
D: When the accident happened, I was on the phone.
R: Why didn’t you stop after running into something? Did you know you had hit somebody?
D: I knew I’ve run into a person. I was scared. If you hit somebody, you would ran away too.
R: Don’t you have any conscience? Why didn’t you save her?
D: I was too scared. I am just a driver.
R: How many years have you been driving? Don’t you know hit-and-run is a very severe crime?
D: I’ve been driving for 2 years. Who never makes a mistake? As you can see, that kid walked and looked around. If she walked more carefully, how would I run into her?
R: Was there any heavy goods on the truck?
D: Yes, that’s why I stepped on the gas.
R: Now how do you like to deal with this accident?
D: I want to offer them some money. But I don’t want to show up.

Later reporter called the accident driver again:
R: Do you want to turn yourself in now?
D: No. I’ve asked my friend to send my wife and kids over here from Guangxi. I’ll find a job in the construction site where no one knows me.
R: You want to hide yourself for the rest of your life?
D: I’m scared. I didn’t mean to (run over the girl.) Everybody makes mistake. I have a wife and a 14 year-old kid. Without me, they can’t survive.
R: One should be responsible for his own fault. You have kid too, don’t you know how Yueyue’s parent feel?
D: so what?

R: How is your feeling now?
D: sad..haha
R :At this point, you still laugh?
D: It’s a bitter smile. You have no idea how much pressure I’m under now. One word-’scared’. I would hide until I couldn’t anymore. I know sometime it take more than a few decades to catch a murder. I’m over 30 year-old now. In 30 years, I might have died. This whole thing would have been forgotten. I know how to deal with the cops. I would shy away from the big cities, just stay in the suburbs and don’t make big money.
R: Seeing your kid, wouldn’t that remind you of the little girl you ran over?
D: Why should I? She wasn’t even my kid.

R : How would you like to compensate the losses of Yueyue’s family?
D: I also have losses myself. I didn’t get my salary. I told my boss there was some emergency in my family and just quit the job.

On another interview he stated: 
"You saw that girl on the CCTV footage, she didn't see where she was going, you know. I was on the phone when it happened, I didn't mean it. When I realized I had knocked her down, I thought I'd go down to see how she was. Then when I saw that she was already bleeding, I decided to just step on the gas pedal and escape seeing that nobody was around me.  If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan ($3,125). But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands yuan. "

It's a good thing that the first driver and the second driver was caught.  I hope people won't be as apathetic especially when life is involved.  

Watch Yueyue Hit and Run Video Online Here: