Marriott Cafe Lunch Buffet at 50% off Until October 31

Last Saturday, I was invited by Anton of to visit Marriott Hotel.  To my surprise, it was for a lunch buffet at Marriott Cafe with a lot of great bloggers like Ruthilicious.  I've been a reader of her blog ever since my little sister introduced her blog to me as a great example.

We've often shopped and dined at Resort's World next door but it was my first time to visit Marriott Hotel.  Right at the entrance of Marriott Cafe was a dessert haven!  Although it was very tempting I had to restrain myself and start with the appetizers.  They had international cuisine selections so my dishes were mixed of those.

There were a lot of selections so I had to choose wisely.  (Based on the looks and the price =p)  For appetizer, I had some cold cuts like Smoked Salmon and Ham.  The Smoked Salmon is an expensive gourmet appetizer and a must try in every buffet!  It is rarely offered here in the Philippines so I'm glad it was available.  I also tried a sample of their wide range of Salad Selections like the one with Red Beets and the other one with Spicy Squid.  I also had a Thai Salad and a potato salad.  All the salads are good and interesting.  From the Japanese Section, I had Salmon Sashimi and Califronia Maki.  The Salmon Sashimi is so fresh and tasty.

Main Course
For my main course, I had a U.S. Rib Eye Steak with Pepper Corn Gravy and Potato Wedges and Small potatoes for side dish.  The U.S. Rib Eye Steak is delicious.  It was cooked medium well just the way I liked my steak cooked.  I also had some Roast Duck and my favorite Shrimp Dumplings ("hakaw") from the Chinese Section.  Both the Roast Duck and the Shrimp dumplings are good.  I had some Dory.  It was okay.  The didn't like the Chicken dish because it was baked and buttered.  I found it too oily.
Sad to say I was already full when it was time for dessert.  I'm glad I made the right cake selection though. Everything was extraordinarily good especially the Opera Cake and the Tiramisu.  My least favorite was the one with the peach on top and soaked in condensed milk.
I tried their chocolate fondue by dipping a skewered slices of Kiwi Fruit.  It was nothing extraordinary.  I loved their Gelato!  I had the Lemon Sorbet and the Cheese with Langka and both were sensational.  It was light and mildly sweetened.

Blogger Friend's Plate
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Overall, we were was very satisfied with the buffet.  To be honest, I was surprised that Marriott Cafe had such a great buffet.  I believe the Marriott Cafe is at par with other five star hotels I've tried.  I highly recommend it.

Now is the best time to try Marriot Cafe.  To celebrate its second year anniversary, it is offering its lunch buffet at 50% off.  Imagine a 5-star food feast for only 875 php!  It comes with flowing iced tea too.
P.S. I'm considering coming back there so please recommend more dishes for me to try the second time around.=)

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