Soccer or Rugby?

Whether its soccer or rugby, both sports are slowly gaining popularity in the Philippines.  I'm glad we Filipinos are able to appreciate these to sports.  I'm looking forward to the success of our Philippine soccer team "Philippine Azkals" and the Philippine rugby team "Philippine Volcanoes".  
Back in my college days, I used to enjoy watching our school varsity team practicing for soccer.  Just for fun, we purchased a soccer ball when we were young and it was so difficult to play soccer.  No matter how hard I try, I couldn't control the ball.   I always in awe at how soccer player are able to consecutively pass the ball from one leg to another and even to their body and heads.  

On the other hand, Rugby is a more fierce-some and intense sport.  I'm not up for the brute but Rugby players are really hot especially the Philippine Volcanoes.  Their muscular bodies are the proof of their hard work and discipline.  Speaking of Rugby, I love it when guys wear Rugby Team Hoodies.  

So which sport are you a fan of?  What's your favorite team?  How do you show them your support?