Nivea For Men, Silver Protect : Body Odour is no longer a problem

We all know that sweat is a major turn-off for girls and we definitely can't take a bath every single hour right?

So Nivea introduced it's Silver Protect for men which gives out a 24-Hr protection against perspiration and a bonus fragrant scent making you more confident.
Nivea's Silver Ion Formula gives out a ton of benefits.  Thanks to its highly active silver ions, it goes straight to the bacteria which causes body odour but is still gentle on the skin. You can even use it on a freshly shaved area and you won't feel any sting.   Guess skin sensitivity will no longer be an issue.   After using it you won't only feel fresh, cool and confident, you can also get keep your healthy skin in the process.

Silver Protect
• anti-bacterial to fight body odour
• 24-hr confidence, anti-perspirant protection and gentle NIVEA care
• No Alcohol or colourants
• Dermatologically approved

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Game Mechanics:
Use your arrows keys to move your character and collect all the Silver Ions you can get in the fastest possible time.

Good luck, stay fresh and may the fastest player win!