Meralco, Creating a brighter future

Meralco's been with us for as long as I can remember.  By providing electricity for our every day needs, they've made our lives better.

Since the beginning, Meralco has always wanted to create a bond with its consumers, rather than forcing them to require their service they wanted to give the consumers a choice. Continuously innovating their ways they've now created multiple ways on how to make our experience with them a much smoother one.

Meralco has finally made a site worth mentioning. The site is very user friendly.  If you're business oriented, you can enter "The Company" side while if you're a concerned consumer you can enter the "For Consumers" side.

The Company
On this side you can know more about the history of Meralco and how to do business with them

For Consumers
The consumers side is really made for the consumers.  Not only can you check your electricity bill online through the E-Bill App.   You can also check the scheduled maintenance, meter deposit refunds and a lot more. There's also a downloadable app where you can get the actual cost of your appliances which is called the AppCal.
Sample AppCal Estimation
But what about the consumer related concerns?  Well, don't fret.   They've also made a very interactive twitter account and facebook fan page where you can just simply post in all your concerns and they'll reply in a matter of minutes.

And, the best part is that they've already thought about the future as well by creating their own YouTube channel.  You can watch some of their future projects.  Some of those plans are quite awesome so just check it out for yourself.

If you want to know more about them. You can visit them at:
Meralco Website           ""
Facebook Fanpage        ""
YouTube                       ""
Twitter                           "@meralco"