Sharp Corporation : Modernizing the World 100 years and counting

It all started with a simple pencil.  In 1912, Tokuji Hayakawa first founded a metal shop in Tokyo.  But, it wasn't until 1915 when he invented the Ever-Sharp Mechanical Pencil that marked the start of their innovative journey that continues for 99 years.

Sharp Ever-Ready Pencil
On 2012, Sharp Corporation will celebrate 100 years of innovation worldwide.  Sharp is creating not only products that will make our lives better but also creating a world our children or future children can look forward to.  We know that most electronic devices damage our planet.  But with Sharp, you'll be assured a much cleaner and greener future because Sharp is an "Eco-Positive" Company.   Sharp helped in creating an LCD manufacturing plant called the Green Front Sakai, the world's 1st 10 generation glass substrates. The plant brings the world two environmental friendly things: the energy-saving LCD panels and energy-creating solar panels.  They also installed the roofs of factories with solar panels.

Sharp's poly-crystalline silicon solar panels are also used in our country's first solar farm in Cagayan.  In our homes.   Sharp has did its environmental share by creating energy-efficient products such as the Sharp's Quattron LCD TV with its UV2A technology.  It can handle the most advance picture quality you want to see and at the same time it is power efficient.

Some of Sharp's new creations :

Sharp Aquos is the largest LCD HDTV around plus it has the Quattron Four Color Pixel giving you the best possible picture quality you'd ever want.  It's also made in Sharp's Eco Positive Manufacturing plants.

Sharp's holeless washing tub prevents your clothes from getting stuck in the holes and saves water. Its  stainless inner tub neutralizes bacteria due to its silver ions.   Believe me this tub has more to offer so just check it out for yourself.

Sharp's air purifiers ejects positive and negative charged ions in your house, traps dust, dirts and other airborne particles making your house safer.  It also removes household odors so you can freely enjoy the clean air around you. 

Though Sharp has only been in the Philippines for 30 years, they have surely made an impact in our lives.  They have given their consumers quality assurance in every product.