Hang out at California Berry SM Mezza Residences

After the exhausting Blogger's Blaze Fun Cup Match (see previous entry), we headed over to California Berry SM Mezza Residences for dessert, where our friends Anton, John and Savannah were waiting for us.

When we arrived, Savannah recommended us California Berry's Seafood Alfredo and Cheesy Lasagna.  Although we were already full from the pizza served during the Fun Kart Match, we couldn't resist the enticing food.  I had the Seafood Alfredo while Kurt had the Cheesy Lasagna.  Personally, I'm not a fan of white sauces but I really loved the Seafood Alfredo.  It was sumptuous as the pasta was enhanced by the rich seafood flavors.    It also has chunks of shrimp and calamari.  I recommend that you try it out for yourself!   Kurt loved the texture of their cheese in the Cheesy Lasagna.  He said it was light yet tasty.  But, he said the overall taste is nothing special.  Upon first bite, I found the taste similar to Greenwich's lasagna which I usually order.  It was pretty good for me.
Banana Rama (95 php)
Mango Tango (95 php)
For drinks we had the Banana Rama and Mango Tango.  The Banana Rama was delicious!  It was made of kiwi, banana and mango.  It tasted more of banana which I don't mind since I love bananas.  Because of the Kiwi, it has crunchy kiwi seeds which you can chew on while sipping.  The mango made the drink a bit smoother.  On the other hand, the Mango Tango is a mix of mango, banana and peach.  Unfortunately, it was too bland for our taste.  It tasted like mild mango and a bit of peach.
My Original Ice Ice Berry With Blueberry and Kiwi
Kurt's Original Ice Ice Berry With Mango
The best of course is the dessert!  We had the Original Ice Ice Baby.  They also call the Ice Ice Baby as Japanese Ice Cream.  It was actually lightly shaved ice.  Mine was with blueberry and kiwi while Kurt had the one with Mango.  At first, I was quite hesitant thinking that I could no longer finish this after the pasta but upon the first spoon, I couldn't resist the ice milky goodness!  It was delicious.  I loved both blueberry and kiwi so I enjoyed it until the last spoonful.  Kurt also enjoyed his Original Ice Ice Baby with Mango.  He always loved mangoes so it was the perfect order for him.  What's great about the Ice Ice Baby is that its so affordable at the price of 65 php.  Plus, there are so many selections to choose from.  You can choose different flavors plus a variety of topping as well.  You can mix and match any way you want and I'm sure you'll never run out of options.

While eating we chatted with our friends in the cozy and modern minimialistic ambiance of California Berry.  We were having a great time that we didn't realize it was almost night time.  Before sunset, we left to head for our next stop.  Guess where we'll be next?

California Berry SM Mezza Residences

Aurora cor. Araneta Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila