Proud to have watched Cory ng EDSA: a Filipino Musical

Last week during our business economics class, our professor Dante Sy taught us that culture is one of the signs of progress in the economy.  Although culture is not so prevalent here in the Philippines, notice that in the United States or in Europe, people value culture and arts like operas.  

Our family has always loved musicals.  Remember how overly excited I was over the The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (see separate entry) a few months ago?  I felt the same enthusiasm when I heard about Cory ng EDSA.  The fact that it is an original Filipino musical aroused my curiosity.   Naturally, I begged Kurt to come with me.  Initially, he didn't like the idea and thought it was a bit ridiculous.  Did the show make him change his mind?  
cory ng edsa musical
Empty Stage
Once we got seated, we noticed that we were among the students of Bonifacio Javier High School.  They were a bit rowdy, but the entrance act caught their attention and they were silenced throughout the show.  
cory ng edsa musical
Audience mainly from Bonifacio Javier High School
Based on the title, we were expecting the plot to be focused only in Cory but we were proven wrong.  The story presentation was brilliant.  We were amazed at how everything was set out from the character development to the scene-sequencing.  We loved the message of the story.  Aside from familiarizing us with history, it was also able to bring out our Filipino pride, morals and values.  

cory ng edsa musical
teaser scenes we caught from the show
The songs were captivating and full of spirit.  We were enchanted by the song arrangement where casts blend their voices into a beautiful masterpiece.  There were also solo parts that were able to showcase their vocals.  However, we noticed that the dance synchronization and the expression of the group dancers may need a little improvement.  

In terms of acting,  the main casts were great.  I was impressed with the role of Peter by Atty. Vincent M. Tañada.  While, Kurt loved the character of Edward Samuel.  During the show period of two hours, everyone was hooked and moved by the performance.  In fact, the audience was almost close to tears on some of the scenes.  On the other hand, the witty and humorous dialogues were able to make the crowd burst into laughter.
cory ng edsa musical
some of the casts
cory ng edsa musical
Main casts with principal of Bonifacio Javier High School
Overall, the Cory ng EDSA was pretty good.  It was a great production even equipped with great sound system and video presentations.  The show is suitable for all audiences especially kids who can learn and be inspired by it.  The Bonifacio Javier High School students were fortunate that their principal was able to grab this opportunity for them.  Hope other schools will do the same.

Although, there is still plenty of room for improvement, we should be glad and proud that Philippine Musicals have upgraded to this level through the production of Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF).   Watch Cory ng EDSA for yourselves and I'm sure you'll love it like we did.  Let's support more of these in the future!