Angus Beef Breakfast with Highlands Corned Beef

The average person eats around 6 times per day (3 Big meals and 3 snacks).  But which is the most important? Is it breakfast, lunch, dinner or the 3 snacks?  According to research and I'm pretty sure most of us already know this, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day.  Since, it doesn't only ease hunger but also improve memory retention and performance. Studies show that people who eat breakfast regularly consume fewer calories from fat throughout the day.
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Last August 25, 2011, Foodsphere Inc. introduced a food which I love eating for breakfast - Highlands corned beef.  But this is no ordinary corned beef as Assistant Vice President for Marketing Mr. Jonathan Bendicion excitingly explained that Angus Steak was the inspiration behind this new development.  He also shared his love for corned beef.

Mr. Jonathan Bendicion
Endorsed by some of the country's most sought after bachelors names like Jake Cuenca, James Younghusband, Paul Soriano, Luke Landrigan and Angelo Cacciatore. They represented the Highlands corned beef "New Breed" concept in their own respective fields of specialty.  This premium breed of corned beef is made with pure Angus beef.  It has rich beef taste and no artificial flavor.  They also shared their love for corned beef and how Highlands corned beef made their corned beef experience a whole lot better.  I'm sure we all love corned beef don't we?
So why should we settle for something less when we can now have Angus Beef for a premium breakfast?  Highlands corned beef is affordable so check them out at the nearest grocery stores.