I want to experience the Lanzones Festival in Camiguin

The Philippines is a country rich in culture and festivities. It is general knowledge that most Philippine festivals were traditionally started 300 years during Spanish Colonization Period.  But, there are also festivals originally rooted from the Philippine local culture and legends as well.   The Lanzones Festival in Camiguin is one of them.   Have you heard of it yet? 

The Lanzones Festival began in the early 1980's as a thanks giving day for the annual harvest of the Lanzones Fruit.  Camiguin produces and exports the best sweet golden Lanzones in the country.  Although there are also other agricultural products, their Lanzones harvest is their main source of livelihood.   
*credits to the photogaphers of this photos
There are different legends about the origin of the festival.  According to one rural legend, there was once a couple who wished for a child from the Lanzones tree spirit.  Their wish was granted but they forgot to show gratitude so the spirit enchanted their boy.  In order to revive their son, they conducted a ritual to appease the spirit.  This gave way to the festival which became Camiguin's most famous.  Another legend tells about how a beautiful mysterious maiden took from the Lanzones its bitter flavor and leaving only its sweet and luscious taste.  Perhaps, there are more details about these which I can ask when I visit.

During the festival, there will be a street dancing parade and competition highlighting their rich culture, tradition and the Lanzones fruit.  I want to join and be part of the festival and feel their culture.  I 'm very eager to see how they dance, hear their music, see the colors and designs of the their traditional fashion and eat their local delicacies.  I also want to enjoy their delicious Lanzones fruit to my hearts desire.  

Festivals are not the only thing worth visiting in Camiguin.  There are also beautiful beaches, waterfalls, cold spring and hot spring where you can relax.  They also have the famous Camiguin Pastel.  It is a bun will different fillings like "Yema".  

While searching for more information about Camiguin and the Lanzones Festival,  I found out that I was not the only one interested in attending.  In fact, a lot of tourists from all parts of the world want to come and join the fun too but there are only a few information offered online about it.  If given the chance, I want to experience the Lanzones Festival this October and share it with you and the rest of the world.