Blogapalooza 2011 : Putting Bloggers on the Map

Blogging has been here for quite some time but have businesses actually acknowledged our marketing potential? According to Vince Golangco of When In Manila, businesses were quite skeptic on joining.  It wasn't until one company before others followed.  Instantly, their numbers grew from 5 to 10 to the maximum allowable number and many companies ended up being rejected.
The theme for blogapalooza 2011 was to form a bridge between small and big businesses and the online community who loves to share. There were at least 30 sponsors and each had around 5-15 mins for their presentation.
There were so many presenters so let's start with food.  Mmmmm burger..... Although there are lots of burgers out there, only a few deliver what they advertise.  So, does size really matter?  If you're chomping in on one of these burgers, it does.  The only problem with this burger was that I enjoyed it too much that I wasn't even able to ask what it was.=D
Flame-Grilled Sausage Burger
What goes well with food other than drinks?  If you're guessing it's entertainment, then you're right!  For such an event, we want something more that simple stunts that anyone could do.  We were in on a surprise as PoleCats Manila performed their graceful moves which I could tell requires training, discipline and one hell of an instructor. Good thing they gave us a FREE pole dance lesson along with lootbag. Hopefully, after the lessons I'll still have some of my bones intact.

As expected, they saved the best presenter for last.   You could hear the crowd going wild as he enters the stage.  Vince jokingly said and I quote "Mga Sipsip".   Well, who wouldn't be?   After all, it was the presenter for the HTC ChaCha.  Sad to say, our brown nosing didn't get us any FREE phone but they we were still able to get a peek on what the HTC ChaCha can do.  I've been keeping my eye on this and have so many to share about the HTC ChaCha so I'll just post it separately.    

This surely was a very memorable day for all the bloggers.  Not only was it the very first blogapalooza but this was also the day that small and big businesses really took noticed of what blogging can do. Being invited wasn't a privileged, it was more of an honor. So to everyone who were there Congratulations on becoming one of the 150 most influential bloggers and we would also like to thank WhenInManila and the sponsors for making this event possible.

Some pictures from the event:

Some of the Raffle Winners:

Loot Bag Items:

Sponsors of Blogapalooza:
HTC, Blue Water Day Spa, Chana,, PoleCats Manila, Focus Ventures, Oryspa, Phiten, Leslie's, Beyond Beauty, Golden ABC, Size Matters, Sparkle Spa, Creativoices, Unilever, Lazer Xtreme, Tripologie, Healthy First, Aquabest, Easy Phamax, FART, Freestyle Ballers, Budoir Dolls, TreeHugger, Sofitel Hotel, Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Matabungkay Resort, Jap-Ok, KameraWorld, Human Nature, 360 Degrees, Lay Bare Waxing Salon, Avira AntiVirus.