Witness the Magic of Disney Live! Mickey's Musical Festival

I'm sure everyone loves Disney.  Seeing this poster made me reminisce.  Let me share with you how Disney has affected my life...

As toddlers, we used to wake up hearing the songs from "Disney Babies Wake Up CD Album".  Growing up, we loved watching Mickey and Friends on TV as shown by all the Disney stuffs we had from bed covers to stuff toys.  

My favorite Daisy Duck Shirt
We also have a Disney Movie Classic Collection Laser discs which some you might be unfamiliar to you since they are already obsolete.  We all had our own favorite Disney Movies.  My favorite Disney movie was Aladdin.  I used to sing the song "A Whole New World" over and over.
Disney Laser Discs
We were so excited and happy when my Dad brought us for the first time to a real cinema in SM Mega Mall.  It was for Disney's "Beauty and the Beast".  I was so enchanted by the part where Mrs. Potts sings "Tale as Old as Time" and the Belle and Beast danced beautifully in the ballroom floor.  "Beauty and the Beast" became my little sisters favorite.  Until now, she still has her toy collection.  She believes Disney is timeless.  We all agree.  We still watch the latest Disney movies together as a family.  The last movie we watched was the "Alice in Wonderland in 3D".
One of our family tradition when I was a child was to watch "Disney on Ice".  We watch it consecutively with all my aunts, uncles and cousins.  During the show, we always bought glowing toys and snow cones in Disney mugs.   The show is always different and amazing.  I can still picture the characters, colored lights, songs and dances and smokes and effects from the shows we watched.
Disney Souvenirs
Disney has left me so many magical memories.  I don't think my life would ever be the same without it.