Baan Khun Thai House of Thai Massage at EDSA Extension (Near SM MOA)

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            Stress seems inevitable when you live in the Metro.  Before your work can even begin, you have to deal with the heavy traffic.  After a hard day's work, you'll have to go through another rush hour traffic which can even be aggravated by sudden rains and floods.  But, though life may seem a bit tiring, we do have access to great ways of rejuvenation.  My secret haven for heavenly solitude and relief is Baan Khun Thai House of Thai Massage at Edsa Extension.

Serenity and Comfort

baan khun thai esda extension
            Baan Khun Thai is open from 2 pm on weekdays and 1 pm on weekdays up to 1 am so you can drop by for some pampering even after late hours of work.  They will always have a well-trained specialist ready to cater your needs without any waiting time or further delay.

baan khun thai esda extension           Upon choosing the service of your choice, you will be ushered to the foot washing area.

baan khun thai esda extension
My Foot Wash
          The facilities are state of the art, new and very clean.

baan khun thai esda extension
             After my foot wash, I entered their dim but artistically and sufficiently lit massage area where the beautiful ensembles and fragrant mist instantly sent me to a tranquil and relaxed mood.

baan khun thai esda extension
            We passed by their foot spa area equipped with large leather couches. 

baan khun thai esda extension
            I never imagined the place to be so spacious given its humble facade.  Each room was already prepared and ready to be occupied. 

baan khun thai esda extension
Swedish Massage Rooms
           I was told that they had two kinds of rooms: Swedish Massage Rooms and Thai Massage Rooms.
baan khun thai esda extension
Thai Massage Room

This was the room assigned for my Thai Head, Back and Shoulder Massage (300 php).

             As soon as I was ready, my therapist entered the room and asked politely for my preferred pressure.  As usual, I choose "hard".  And, she began skillfully and artfully applying pressure to my back.  It wasn't long before I found myself succumbing in her rhythmic finger pressing.  I could feel heat and energy circulating all over my body as if it was light and free.  The melodic sounds echoed as my mind was transported in a deep subliminal state.  The pain I had on my back from long hours in front of the computer melted and wallowed away.  Soon, the rest of my body was yearning for the same relief.  Such desire was more than satisfied as the session ended with timely precision.  I was in such a bliss that it took a while for my mind and body to register that I have to come back to reality.

baan khun thai esda extension

               My therapist asked if I wanted just water or tea.  As I chose tea, I was told that my tea is waiting outside.  There are three choices for tea: Rice Green Tea, Ceylon Tea and Peppermint Tea.  I personally found the latter quite complementary for my massage experience as it was cool and refreshing.

baan khun thai esda extension
My Peppermint Tea and Hot Towel

Affordable Pricing and Wide-Array of Therapeutic Services
              For such a superb service and high-class facilities, their service is unbelievably affordable.

baan khun thai esda extension
            They also offer a wide-array of therapeutic services: short and simple express massages, 60 or 90-minute whole body massages, specialty massages and all sorts of body treatments.

baan khun thai esda extension
              You can choose your massage oil to attain the therapeutic effect you need.   They offer the Ginger Oil to relieve stress on overworked muscles, Sunflower Oil to reveal youthful flow on your skin, Almond Oil for total moisturizing benefit and Mandarin Orange Oil to improve the appearance of cellulite, skin's firmness and help increase metabolism.

baan khun thai esda extension
            Packages and combinations are also offered so you can avail more savings at your preferred customizations.

             Baan Khun Thai House of Thai Massage is located at the 2nd Floor Phoenix Gas Station EDSA Extension (Beside Hotel 101) which is less than 5-minutes away from SM Mall of Asia (SM MOA), just a stones throw away from Blue Wave and Blue Baywalk and since is very accessible since it is connected to EDSA itself.

           It's also has a lot of parking spaces.  No need to add stress for that right?

Baan Khun Thai House of Thai Massage EDSA Extension
2nd Floor Phoenix Gas Station EDSA Extension (Beside Hotel 101)
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 734-3477
Mon-Fri: 2:00 pm - 1:00 am
Sat-Sun: 1:00 pm - 1:00 am

Mega Food Tour 2.0: Nine Stops of Megamalls Finest Eats

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I've raved about the greatness of the first Mega Food Tour, well, now its even better with the Mega Food Tour 2.0.  Experience Megamall's nine finest, newest and hottest eats. 
mega food tour 2.0

Be part of the Mega Food Tour 2.0 with the Mercato Centrale Food Group and Our Awesome Planet on Septermber 29 and 30, 2014 by once again just taking food pics from any SM Megamall restaurant.  Follow, tag @sm megamall #MegaFoodTour2.0 and post your best photo on instagram from Sept. 19 to 27, 2014.

So here's a sneak peak of what's in store for you.

1st Stop: Linguini Fini

mega food tour 2.0

mega food tour 2.0
Straccetti di Manzo
Linguini Fini is a Hong Kong-based international franchise serving authentic Italian fare by using organic ingredients and applying its nose-to-tail philosophy as their distinct edge. Thus, you are assured of a bold, fresh, and clean flavors from the best ingredients prepared the traditional way.
mega food tour 2.0

mega food tour 2.0
Nose to Tail Bolo

mega food tour 2.0
This is definitely the best stop!

2nd Stop: Rosanjin
mega food tour 2.0
Rosanjin is named after Japanese artist particularly a potter and calligrapher, Rosanjin Kitaoji.
He is also a well-know gourmet whose quest for good food made of quality ingredients was extraordinary that he opened a high-end restaurant for members only in Tokyo.  He makes use of his artistically-made ceramic potter.

3rd Stop: Ippudo
mega food tour 2.0

mega food tour 2.0

Ippudo having earned rave reviews from Zagat and received the acclaimed Yelp 2010 Best Restaurant in the USA, is now here in Manila to raise the standards of Philippine ramen culture.  Ippudo lets you in to the secret of finding that perfect bowl with its broth, noodles, chashu and ajikukage.

4th Stop: Cupcakes by Sonja
mega food tour 2.0

mega food tour 2.0

Cupcakes by Sonja and its famous Red Velvet Cupcakes needs no further introduction as its one of the pioneer cupcakes store here in the Philippines.

5th Stop: Tim Ho Wan
mega food tour 2.0

A repeat inclusion in the tour is Tim Ho Wan.  It's so good you'd want to try their buns as much as you can!

6th Stop: Triple O's by White Spot
mega food tour 2.0

mega food tour 2.0

Canada’s very first drive-in restaurant, Triple O's by White Spot and claims to have the “sauciest, juiciest, tastiest, bestest burgers around” is now in Manila!  Aside from its Megamall Atrium branch, it will also open on October 23 at SM Aura Premier. 

7th Stop: Eri Curry
mega food tour 2.0

Eri Curry is a curry shop customized for the Filipino taste buds.  It also allows customization in its meals by choosing your spiciness level and toppings.

8th Stop: Kool Kids Ice Cream

Kool Kids Ice Cream is no ordinary ice cream as it is made from Nitrogen.  This is their second branch.  The pioneer branch being in Kapitolyo.

9th Stop: Mochicreme Cafe:
mega food tour 2.0

Mochicreme Cafe offers delicious matcha sweet treats and drinks with a nice and comfy ambiance.

So what are you waiting for?  Keep on taking your photos and join now!

Tous Les Jours Opens at Trinoma

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Tous Les Jours opens at the lobby level of Trinoma in Quezon City.  The store marks the opening of its 14th store in the Philippines.

tous les jours
I'm glad we were invited to witness the opening celebration.

tous les jours
As opening guests, we were given the chance to have a bread buffet.  While the first 100 customers were given a free heart-shaped cookies without any minimum purchase requirement.

tous les jours
If course, we picked our usual favorites and tried new ones too.

We also watched a decorating demo by the Zombettes' Ornusa Cadness and Sanya Smith together with TLJ's esteemed cake decorating specialist, Kelly Mambong.  They successfully decorated the Tous les Jours Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake with ease.

tous les jours
Like the Jazz Mall branch, this also has a cafe-style dining area.  This is very convenient since it's near the Trinoma drop off point so you can chill there while waiting.

With more branches, Tous Les Jours freshly baked breads are more accessible to its growing number of loyal customers.

Tous Les Jours

Using Sparklers for Wedding Ceremonies

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Pyrotechnics vendors may ask event planners to "contact us" for the sparklers that add a bit of magic to a wedding ceremony. They are a step above the tossing of rose petals or the releasing of butterflies. As handheld treats, sparklers are a way for everyone in the audience to participate in the ceremony. There are other applications, however, where they seem to make their biggest light.

Some brides and grooms choose to put their sparklers on the wedding cake. This moment is one of the highlights of the reception. It is the time for iconic photographs and the bride and groom to have some playful interaction with one another. What better way to signal the arrival of this moment than with sparklers fizzing from the cake. It heightens the excitement of the guests.

Another way to use sparklers for a wedding ceremony is to signal the send-off of the bride and groom after the reception is over. Whether there is a limousine waiting or the couple has a car of its own, sparklers can light the path the leads away from the festivities. This is an installation that should probably be completed by a professional who understands local fireworks laws and who is trained in pyrotechnics safety. Sparklers should be kept away from high grass and flammable materials, and they should never be left unattended.

One other way sparklers have been used by wedding attendees is on the dance floor. It is romantic to see couples moving lights across the floor as music plays gently in the background. This can make the guests feel like they are having their first dance along with the bride and groom.

BGC Eats Food Tour 2014: Food Photography with Mylene Chung and Healthy Eats with Denise Celdran

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My friends and I had a great time with the BGC Eats Food Tour last year so we made spontaneous purchases to be able to join.

We were able to join two out of four food tour slots: Food Photography with Mylene Chung and Healthy Eats with Denise Celdran

Food Photography with Mylene Chung
We opted for this schedule because we have high regards for Mylene Chung of  We figured among the expert guests, she would be the one with the best picks.  Like all BGC Eats Food Tour, the main guide is still JJ Yulo.

1st Stop: Orale!
Orale! was undergoing renovation so we were just given packed tacos. 

2nd Stop: Sarsa
Most of our time was spent in Sarsa.  I've heard a lot of buzz around Sarsa so I'm glad this was chosen.  Each dish served is to be divided among 6 BGC Eats Food Tourist.
crispy panara rolls
Crispy Panara Rolls
crispy dilis
Crispy Dilis

liempo q
inasal tofu
Inasal Tofu
3rd Stop: Tipple & Slaw
We hardly rode the bus because the next 2 stops were also in Forum South Global where Sarsa is also located.  Tipple & Slaw looks like a bar.  For each 4-5 seater table, we shared one dish.  Everyone enjoyed all the dishes and drinks served. 

tipple and slaw
Salmon and Dill
tipple and slaw
Chicken Nuggets
tipple and slaw
tipple and slaw
House Blend Iced Tea
4th Stop: Marmalade Kitchen
We all had high hopes and expectations from Marmalade Kitchen because of the great interiors of the place.  Sad to say, not one of the treats served was able to meet our expectations.

marmalade kitchen
This is the first time I've seen so many cookies that tasted similarly sugar and flour.

marmalade kitchen

marmalade kitchen
I liked this the most although a bit sweet.

marmalade kitchen

marmalade kitchen

Healthy Eats with Denise Celdran
I enjoyed the Healthy Eats better than the first.  It's technically not healthy but they do give healthy or at least healthier tips along the way.  Plus, it had 5 stops instead of the normal 4.

1st Stop: Salo
Salo offers very affordable meals.  It is located where Shawarma Guy used to be.  One dish is shared by 4-5 persons.

kamote chips
Kamote Chips

adobong kangkong
Adobong Kangkong

tokwat baboy
Tokwa't Baboy
2nd Stop:Soy Yummy
Everyone enjoyed Soy Yummy.  We all had a cup of our chosen flavor.  It's my first time to try it.  It's so delicious!

yummy soy

3rd Stop: Suzhou
Our most fulfilling stop is Suzhou!  We were served so many delicious dishes that it was us who surrendered.

sour and hot soup
Sour and Hot Soup
scallion pancake
Scallion Pancake
Fried Noodles
Kuchay Dumplings
Salt and Pepper Tofu
Fortune Cookie
4th Stop: Phat Pho
Phat Pho complied with the healthiness.  It was also delicious.  I'll be back for their phos and banh mi.

phat pho
Chicken Satay and Rice Paper Rolls Chilled Shrimp
phat pho
5th Stop: Crisp on the 28th
Crisp on the 28th is another restaurant from Erwann Heussaff...  This just opened a few weeks ago so we're really to have one of the first dibs on it.  Everything was so good albeit pricey-looking.  We were all so full at this point.  But, the food was irresistible so we all tried it but were no longer able to finish them all.

crisp on the 28th

crisp on the 28th

crisp on the 28th

crisp on the 28th

crisp on the 28th

Overall, I really enjoyed BGC Eats Food Tour 2014!  I can't wait for next year.