You just can’t miss out on these 6 street food spots in Manila

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If you have heard of Manila, you’d know that the place is known for its rich history, culture and street food. Given the fact that many of these dishes are an acquired taste and might gross you out when you hear about them, it is true that each one tastes better than the other. If you have been meaning to visit Manila, book the Busuanga to Manila flight tickets without fail and then make sure to visit these food markets to get a taste of the amazing street food that they have to offer.

Quiapo Market
The authentic Filipino taste is only gotten best from the street food, so if you are there and you want a bite of the best street food in the city, visiting the Quiapo Market is an absolute must. The place is littered with multiple food vendors making everything from scratch and serving hot food on the sides of the street. From the delectable skewers to the mami or the noodle soup, your options are actually quite abundant there and you can choose from a variety of flavors and textures.

Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus
Located in Southern Manila, the Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus has been there since the 1970s and has been serving delectable food since then. The place is known for serving the best isaw in town with four signature dipping sauces which is what makes it stand out of the rest. The former laidback and rusty setting has now been replaced with a much more refined setting but the experience nevertheless is one of the best.

Concepcion Public Market
Next up on the list of the best public markets around in Manila to try out the street food there has to be the Concepcion Public Market. The place is famous for its vendors selling ukoy which is a deep-fried batter made from shrimp as well as beansprouts. The additional vinegar dip is an added bonus to that. Apart from that, you will also have vendors selling Malabon which is a popular sweet and sticky dessert found in Manila. It does come in a number of flavors too which is definitely riveting.

Skinita Street Foodz
The Skinita Street Foodz is yet another spot that you definitely need to visit to get a glimpse and taste of the amazing street food around in Manila. The place is in a very hipster and upbeat environment with graffiti art littering the walls and scattered chairs and tables to enjoy your food on. The place is known for its laidback vibe with its cheap beers and the authentic Filipino food that the place has to offer.

Rapsadoodle is that one spot around in Manila where you can actually enjoy unlimited street food unapologetically. The place is known for its additional bout of iskrambol as well as bibingka waffles which is going to leave behind an amazing aftertaste on your palate. The place is filled with the theme behind the restaurant and people visiting this place have always suggested being satisfied when they leave.

Boni MRT Station
Last but not least is the Boni MRT Station. The public market situated around the metro station is also famous for its wide range of street food options that you can choose from. It is one of the staples for the daily commuters and even for the tourists who want to get a taste of everything that the Manila snacks are famous for.

The next time you are in Manila with the Jetstar promotions, make sure that you experience every last bit of the street food the city has to offer. Try out different locations to get a better diversity in the taste as well.

OREO SPIDER-MAN PROMO ALERT: Win a Trip to London Europe!

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There's a noticeable crowd gathered at Robinson's Midtown Wing Atrium today (June 15, 2019) for the launch of the limited edition Oreo Spider-man Far From Home packs.

oreo spider-man promo
During the launch that was open to the public, there were games and prizes that was given away.

oreo spider-man promo
The event is held until 7 pm.

oreo spider-man promo
There were a lot of challenging booths.  Since I am always up for the challenge, I tried them all!

oreo spider-man promo
I only succeeded in this one though.  Climb and cross within 40 seconds.

oreo spider-man promo
There's also a free photobooth.

oreo spider-man promo
Availing these perks requires no purchase which was so cool!

oreo spider-man promo
Can you use the magnet to pull 7 magnetic oreos to the center?  I couldn't. =(

oreo spider-man promo
Or, can you climb the big ben within 5 seconds?  I couldn't. =(

oreo spider-man promo
For those who couldn't succeed in overcoming the obstacles fret not cause you can still win a trip to London and other limited edition Spider-man prizes.

oreo spider-man promo
featuring @jamblautavlogs
Just do these easy steps:
1. Buy a limited edition Oreo Spider-man pack (1 pack = 1 entry)
  • Available on all leading supermarkets from June 1 to July 31, 2018. 
2. Snap the receipt
3. Register at

oreo spider-man promo
Grab the Limited Edition Spiderman Packs like @francisg_official
One lucky winner will win a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two to London which includes a tour around the city, 4-day and 3-night stay, roundtrip ground transportation between the airport and hotel and a special gift bag from OREO.    Grand winner will be announced on July 29-31.     Other winners will be announced monthly within the promo period.

Ragnarok Mobile: Sure 120 Kills in Ultraman Rift Dungeon Earth Crevice

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This guide was made to spare you guys from the many failures we had to go through before reaching the 120 kill point at Ragnarok Mobile Sea Event: Ultraman Rift  Dungeon Earth Crevice .

Step 1: Memorize the Monster Names and Buffs

Step 2: Always remember to spam manually the normal attack to avoid knock back (don't do auto because it sometimes goes nuts)

Step 3: Always allocate a member in each of the 4 spots

Step 4: In case you receive a buff during one round, save that for the next round.

Step 5: Communicate with your team mates and trade places so you can go to the spawning spot of the monster matching your buff before the round begins (you have five seconds to run for it).

Step 6: Familiarize yourselves with the spawining points as listed here: (priorities those with *)
King Joe - always ramdom except for round 4 there are two stationed at D

Round 1:
A - Golza * - if possible 1 member with buff should go here immediately
B - one member should quickly run here
C and D - other members should unite to clear this

 Round 2:
A - Baltan*
B- Eleking*
C - Gomora
D - Golza - allocate two members here if possible

Round 3:
A - Gomora
B - Bemstar and Eleking * - allocate two members here
C - Baltan
D - Golza

Round 4:
A - Eleking
B -  many mixed mobs so allocate two members here
C - Bemstar and Gomora
D - only two King Joe - one member should start here and go help others after

So follow these tips and you will surely achieve the Cosmic Garrison Title

Special credits for knowledge, boosting and photo to my guildmates at INFINITE [MOON].

To Butter Who Melted Our Hearts... (Pet Obituaries)

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2018...  We lost Mochi... and we also lost Butter.   
Butter left us just a few days before New Year and a few days before her birthday.

Butter has always been sickly.  She was going on and off Sharpei fever.  But, even when she was ill and weak, she wold try her best to be disciplined and sweet.

On most days, Butter would sleep the pain away.  The only hint would be the tears in her eyes.

On her last days, her legs were to wobbly for her to stand and go out.  She couldn't eat.  We had her admitted at St. Loius Veterinary Clinic in Banawe.

The night before she died, I had slightly dozed off on the commute on the way home.  When I saw her!  She was looking at me intently with her meaningful puppy dog  eyes through the glass sliding door of my terrace as if calling me to let her in.

Immediately, I sent a message to the family to ask the vet for update but there was none.  The next day after lunch, we called to update and visit her but the vet said she was dying.  We rushed over there but it was too late.

It was a shocking moment.  I wonder if she felt we abandoned her.  Like Kiwi and Mochi, I made the same mistake of not being there on the last breaths... I pray that she will always know that we love her.

It was a long holiday.  Pet Valley was able to pick her up for cremation but could not schedule her wake.    The only way we could bid goodbye is only through prayers.  I hope it suffice...   Farewell Butter.  May you rest well with Kiwi and Mochi

Fujifilm X-T3 Launch, Thanksgiving Party and My Fujifilm X-T100 Problems

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I've always been a proud Fujifilm user.  Yet, right now... I am experiencing ups and downs with my Fujifilm Experience.   To get it off my mind... I've decided to just write about it.

Ups: Fujifilm X-T3 Launch
fujifilm x-t3 thanksgiving party
Fujifilm Thanksgiving Party
Yesterday, Fujifilm had a series of free workshops, free cleaning, free printing, free concert, free food, free beer and free juice as part of the Fujifilm X-T3 Launch and Fujifilm Thanksgiving Party at Abs-Cbn Vertis North Tent.

Inspiring National Photowalk 2018 Gallery
Seeing the gallery really inspired me to delve more into photography.  I missed joining the photowalk as the last time I joined was in 2016!

FUJIFILM X-T3 Experience Event Workshops
niko vilegas workshop portrait photography
I regret being late for the workshop.  I only got to attend Niko Vilegas - Portrait Photography and Tim De La Paz - Filmmaking Workshops.  The latter was very quick with some technical difficulties.  So I enjoyed the Portrait Photography more.

portrait photography
This was my first time to do portrait photography and it was a lot of fun!  There were a lot of participants with intimidating Fujifilm cameras!  There was an instagram contest which I didn't join because I was so intimidated and perhaps I don't trust my camera and skills yet because of my problems below.  Too bad because the prize was an Instax mini 9!!!

action photography
Even after the workshops, you can still practice taking a shot.  Since I missed the one about Action Photography.  This is my best attempt already!

The reason why I cancelled my out of town trip and opt to attend the Fujifilm X-T3 Launch and Fujifilm Thanksgiving Party was because the day before, Fujifilm did their best and released my Fujifilm X-T100 from their service center after being re-calibrated.  I was so happy to have it back!  Little did I know... that it wasn't the last of my troubles...

Downs: Fujifilm X-T100 Problems
Last July, I shared about the Fujifilm XT-100 Launch.  I know I said it wasn't the time for upgrade back then.  But, out of impulse, I decided to upgrade and change my photography set up (I will make a separate post about that soon).  I just suddenly thought of selling my trustee Fujifilm X-A1 at a very bargain price to explore and learn more about other gears and photography itself.

There was something about the unique color of the Fujifilm X-T100 Champagne Gold that made me want to by it one time as I was passing by a camera store.

There were two things I realized about the Fujifilm X-T100.  First, it wasn't as heavy as I thought.  Second, it had a lot more buttons and controls compared to the A series so it was a really a new learning experience for me.

I didn't use it that much because I didn't have much time to learn about it.  One time I brought it to my overnight hotel review and I got surprised.

fujifilm xt100 food shots
The Auto White Balance was really off...

fujifilm xt100 food shots
and the photos shot in Fine Jpeg were beyond remedy from Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

fujifilm xt100 food shots
Of course, I panicked because I didn't bring a backup camera.  I instantly took a day off from work just to bring it to the Fujifilm Service Center.

The service was really good!  I had to leave it that Monday for diagnosis.  I was told that it takes up to 10 days.  I told them I needed it for an out of town shoot on the weekend so I hope it can be faster.  I called on Thursday morning and it was still being diagnosed.  But, I knew they put my needs into consideration because they texted me on Thursday night as it was ready to be picked up on Friday.  I was told it was only a software problem and it was re-calibrated.  I was so happy that it finally worked so I excitedly attended the Fujifilm X-T3 Launch and Fujifilm Thanksgiving Party.

After the event I was so excited to post and share about the experience.  I plugged the USB cable to transfer my filed and noticed that it was not charging.  I then plugged it with the charger and still not charging.  So I am down, then up, and now down again...

Now, I wonder if I am out of work leaves or just out of passion from photography as I don't seem to want to go back and have it repaired anymore. =(  (I will update soon!)

Update: A few months later I discovered that the photos are oversaturated with reddish tones nad auto function is always maxed at maximum exposure.

Update May 2019: Finally had the time to bring it back to Fujifilm Service Center and it was diagnosed to have manufacturer's defect on mother board.  It was replaced for free and now it works perfectly.  All recent photos are shot with a breeze with minor or no photo edittig required.

Craft Central: Now Open in SM Mega Fashion Hall

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I'm not really a crafty or artsy person per se.  Then, The Craft Central extended an invite for its grand opening in SM Mega Fashion Hall.

craft central
So off I went, bringing along my little sister who is into crafts.

craft central megamall
The store wasn't as spacious as we expected but it you can sense a lot of art and passion placed into it so you don't feel cramped at all.

dream catcher
We also discovered that its not just a place for crafty people as you can also take it as a gift shop.  Aren't these colorful dreamcatchers cool?

craft central
There are a lot more interesting items like Sequins Pencil Case for the mermaid fans or simply poshy peeps.

brush pens
According to my little sister who spends thousands over brush pens sets, these collections are unbelievably cheap.

Of course, we can't think of crafts without stickers and stamps.

There's also Pointy Little Things Pins, beads and more.  There's definitely more to find here than its online store.

metal straw
If you still don't have metal straws, pick one!

calligraphy ink
Calling all Calligraphers!  Check this out!

brush pens
More pens...

and notebooks to match.

letter board
This one is nice to have hanging around your room.

This reminds me of Pinocchio haha.

brush script workbook
There are also affordable workbooks.

Craft Buffet
brush script workbook
As part of the event, we got to experience the Craft Buffet.

craft buffet
There's watercoloring...

scribble and color
We watched as we waited for our turn.

scribble and color
This is sister's work.

notebook stamping
While she was busy there, I tried the notebook stamping.

hammy creates stamps
There were a lot of cool clear stamps by Hammy Creates.

hammy and gubby
At first, it seems tricky to neatly apply the stamp.

notebook stamping
This is my final output.  What do you think?

sand art making
I exerted all creativity into my notebook so I didn't try anything else.   Others tried the Sand Art Making which also looked fun!

Overall, I didn't expect to have so much fun!  Congratulations The Craft Central on your grand opening!