Using Sparklers for Wedding Ceremonies

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Pyrotechnics vendors may ask event planners to "contact us" for the sparklers that add a bit of magic to a wedding ceremony. They are a step above the tossing of rose petals or the releasing of butterflies. As handheld treats, sparklers are a way for everyone in the audience to participate in the ceremony. There are other applications, however, where they seem to make their biggest light.

Some brides and grooms choose to put their sparklers on the wedding cake. This moment is one of the highlights of the reception. It is the time for iconic photographs and the bride and groom to have some playful interaction with one another. What better way to signal the arrival of this moment than with sparklers fizzing from the cake. It heightens the excitement of the guests.

Another way to use sparklers for a wedding ceremony is to signal the send-off of the bride and groom after the reception is over. Whether there is a limousine waiting or the couple has a car of its own, sparklers can light the path the leads away from the festivities. This is an installation that should probably be completed by a professional who understands local fireworks laws and who is trained in pyrotechnics safety. Sparklers should be kept away from high grass and flammable materials, and they should never be left unattended.

One other way sparklers have been used by wedding attendees is on the dance floor. It is romantic to see couples moving lights across the floor as music plays gently in the background. This can make the guests feel like they are having their first dance along with the bride and groom.

BGC Eats Food Tour 2014: Food Photography with Mylene Chung and Healthy Eats with Denise Celdran

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My friends and I had a great time with the BGC Eats Food Tour last year so we made spontaneous purchases to be able to join.

We were able to join two out of four food tour slots: Food Photography with Mylene Chung and Healthy Eats with Denise Celdran

Food Photography with Mylene Chung
We opted for this schedule because we have high regards for Mylene Chung of  We figured among the expert guests, she would be the one with the best picks.  Like all BGC Eats Food Tour, the main guide is still JJ Yulo.

1st Stop: Orale!
Orale! was undergoing renovation so we were just given packed tacos. 

2nd Stop: Sarsa
Most of our time was spent in Sarsa.  I've heard a lot of buzz around Sarsa so I'm glad this was chosen.  Each dish served is to be divided among 6 BGC Eats Food Tourist.
crispy panara rolls
Crispy Panara Rolls
crispy dilis
Crispy Dilis

liempo q
inasal tofu
Inasal Tofu
3rd Stop: Tipple & Slaw
We hardly rode the bus because the next 2 stops were also in Forum South Global where Sarsa is also located.  Tipple & Slaw looks like a bar.  For each 4-5 seater table, we shared one dish.  Everyone enjoyed all the dishes and drinks served. 

tipple and slaw
Salmon and Dill
tipple and slaw
Chicken Nuggets
tipple and slaw
tipple and slaw
House Blend Iced Tea
4th Stop: Marmalade Kitchen
We all had high hopes and expectations from Marmalade Kitchen because of the great interiors of the place.  Sad to say, not one of the treats served was able to meet our expectations.

marmalade kitchen
This is the first time I've seen so many cookies that tasted similarly sugar and flour.

marmalade kitchen

marmalade kitchen
I liked this the most although a bit sweet.

marmalade kitchen

marmalade kitchen

Healthy Eats with Denise Celdran
I enjoyed the Healthy Eats better than the first.  It's technically not healthy but they do give healthy or at least healthier tips along the way.  Plus, it had 5 stops instead of the normal 4.

1st Stop: Salo
Salo offers very affordable meals.  It is located where Shawarma Guy used to be.  One dish is shared by 4-5 persons.

kamote chips
Kamote Chips

adobong kangkong
Adobong Kangkong

tokwat baboy
Tokwa't Baboy
2nd Stop:Soy Yummy
Everyone enjoyed Soy Yummy.  We all had a cup of our chosen flavor.  It's my first time to try it.  It's so delicious!

yummy soy

3rd Stop: Suzhou
Our most fulfilling stop is Suzhou!  We were served so many delicious dishes that it was us who surrendered.

sour and hot soup
Sour and Hot Soup
scallion pancake
Scallion Pancake
Fried Noodles
Kuchay Dumplings
Salt and Pepper Tofu
Fortune Cookie
4th Stop: Phat Pho
Phat Pho complied with the healthiness.  It was also delicious.  I'll be back for their phos and banh mi.

phat pho
Chicken Satay and Rice Paper Rolls Chilled Shrimp
phat pho
5th Stop: Crisp on the 28th
Crisp on the 28th is another restaurant from Erwann Heussaff...  This just opened a few weeks ago so we're really to have one of the first dibs on it.  Everything was so good albeit pricey-looking.  We were all so full at this point.  But, the food was irresistible so we all tried it but were no longer able to finish them all.

crisp on the 28th

crisp on the 28th

crisp on the 28th

crisp on the 28th

crisp on the 28th

Overall, I really enjoyed BGC Eats Food Tour 2014!  I can't wait for next year.

5 Home-Based Business Ideas for Techies

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Many people choose to work for an employer rather than for themselves because they believe that they need the security of a regular income. However, there are a few who have a burning desire to be in charge of their own destiny and it is these people who strive to start a business of their own instead of working for another company. If you are determined to strike out on your own and are a technology enthusiast, one of the following business ideas may be worth considering.

1.    Servicing laptops. This is ideal for home workers because the vast majority of clients will require a home visit, which means that there is no need to rent an impressive office in an expensive part of town. Online advertising would probably be the cheapest method of attracting new customers although there is no reason why you cannot distribute leaflets and brochures in your local area too. You will of course need to have the necessary skills to carry out repairs on notebook computers so it is not something that everybody can do.

2.    Designing websites. For creative people who also have a working knowledge of HTML and other technologies commonly employed on websites, this could be a very convenient way to start building a business from home. Because all the work can be delivered online, there is no need to restrict yourself to local customers when starting a business of this nature. As long as you are able to communicate with potential clients in their native language, you can provide a website design service that spans the globe.

3.    Installing home security systems. Now that many systems are built around IP cameras, which communicate with a centrally located server using standard computer network protocols, any techie with a working knowledge of how to put a small home network together could possibly install residential security systems. Many people are worried about protecting their home from burglars when they are out so there is a strong demand for such systems. If you like the idea of starting your own home security business, you will probably need to study the systems that are already available and adapt them to meet the needs of individual customers rather than designing your own systems from scratch.

4.    Troubleshooting software issues on desktop and laptop computers. Many people use a PC on a daily basis but as soon as something goes wrong with their machines, they have very little idea of how to fix the problem. If you are used to installing new programs, tinkering with the settings and finding solutions to any issues that arise with the operation of the applications you use, this potentially lucrative business idea could be worth considering. Advertising for customers would again mostly be carried out online, in order to keep your start-up costs to a minimum.

5.    Repairing mobile phones.  The growing number of people that use smartphones on a daily basis makes this business idea one that could provide you with a decent income for many years to come. There are various technical courses that you can attend to learn about the inner workings of smartphones if you are not already proficient at repairing them and if you promote your new venture efficiently, you could recoup the cost of these courses in no time.

Starting a new business is definitely not for everybody but for those who wish to build an income stream that allows them the freedom to stop working for other people, it is the only viable option and one that can be very rewarding in the long run.

Raiza Pepino is writing on a freelance basis for Regus in the Philippines. They are one of the top providers of video conferencing solutions along with serviced offices for rent. You can see some of her works via Google+ and Twitter.

Pop a Corn (IOS FREE Game Review): Fun, Addictive and Competitive Whack-A-Mole Game by Spotcat Studios

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Missing your favorite Whack-A-Mole Game?  No need to spend quarters at the nearest arcade just to play because Spotcat Studio's Pop A Corn is the fun, addictive and competitive whack-a-mole game that Apple IOS users have long been waiting for.

pop a corn
Download the game for FREE at the Apple Store.  The interface is friendly to all ages! 

pop a corn
It has a cute animation as well as happy and upbeat tunes.  I promise you this is an excellent stress-buster!  The mechanics is simple.  Just pop as much of the cute corn kernels into pop corn as much as you can in 60 seconds.  You points on the upper right screen increases as you do so.

pop a corn
You can gain a life by popping the glowing ones or lose a life by popping the poison purple ones. 

pop a corn
Your life represented by a popcorn bucket is found the lower right of the screen.  It blackens as you loose it.  So try as hard to avoid those pesky purple ones okay?

pop a corn
So what are you waiting for?   

Aim for a really good high score and challenge your friends by sharing your score on Facebook.  This is just my first time high score.  What's yours? 

Spotcat Studio is a Philippine game developer.  Proudly Pinoy! Yey!
Check out their other FREE game by liking them on Facebook

My Tour Experience at EDL Excellence Gamefarm and Tagaytay Excellence Tourist Arena (TETA)

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A month ago, I got to visit EDL Excellence Gamefarm in San Mateo Rizal. 
I've been to farms before but it's the first time for me to see so much gamefowls in concrete teepees in my life! 

I came to know that there are many farms like this all over the Philippines.  As it is legal in the Philippines, this 50-million lucrative industry is a source of livelihood, employment, and a decent form of income to roughly two million Filipinos.  It is the second most popular sport in the country next to basket ball.   It even has a lot of publications such as "Pit Games Magazine" and "Llamado".  It also has TV shows such as "Sultada" and "Sagupaan".  Enthusiasts feels that it is deeply carved in the Philippine culture and is an respectful application of both science and art. 

As these creatures are territorial in nature, they are tied to their own assigned area and they can't reach the others.  As you can see, like in any agribusiness, all of them are well taken care of.  They are dewormed and fed conditioning feeds and supplements such as antibiotics and vitamins AMTYL 500 and AMBROXITIL for antibiotics.  

The farm is big so it even has a training center.

The former one is for people, this one is for the animals.  It's a mental conditioning process so this is created to mimic of the actual arena.

Mini Zoo
El Dia Gamefarm is currently being developed to be a recreational and tourist area. 
They have a mini zoo which is composed of mostly aviary animals.

Crocodile Farm
They also have crocodiles.

After this, we had a lunch at their amazing farm-to-table restaurant Estancia De Lorenzo.

Tagaytay Excellence Tourist Arena (TETA)
While I enjoyed the animals and the food in Rizal, my favorite part is visiting their smaller farm at the Tagaytay Excellence Tourist Arena (TETA) in Brgy. Malaki Tagaytay City.
We got a closer look and a deeper understanding about the nature and handling of gamefowls.

Hardening Pen
I used to think that roosters will peck you if you hold them just like our pet birds.  With proper handling, I was able to carry one myself and I think they really like it.

Each player has a set of blade (tari) which is quite scary to handle.

It is so sharp that it can slice a hair into half.

Since ancient times, these gamefowls fight each other by instinct.  Each breed has it's own fighting styles.  You have to hold it by the tail feathers and bring them close three times to prepare them and they'll automatically do what they are born to do. 

I never knew how witty and swift they can be.

Just across the farm is the Tagaytay Excellence Tourist Arena (TETA) itself.  I've heard that this is one of the best in the area.  I'm quite impressed actually.  I thought it was some scary wood structure. 

Overall, the experience has been an eye opener for me.  Are you like me too?