Pop a Corn (IOS FREE Game Review): Fun, Addictive and Competitive Whack-A-Mole Game by Spotcat Studios

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Missing your favorite Whack-A-Mole Game?  No need to spend quarters at the nearest arcade just to play because Spotcat Studio's Pop A Corn is the fun, addictive and competitive whack-a-mole game that Apple IOS users have long been waiting for.

pop a corn
Download the game for FREE at the Apple Store.  The interface is friendly to all ages! 

pop a corn
It has a cute animation as well as happy and upbeat tunes.  I promise you this is an excellent stress-buster!  The mechanics is simple.  Just pop as much of the cute corn kernels into pop corn as much as you can in 60 seconds.  You points on the upper right screen increases as you do so.

pop a corn
You can gain a life by popping the glowing ones or lose a life by popping the poison purple ones. 

pop a corn
Your life represented by a popcorn bucket is found the lower right of the screen.  It blackens as you loose it.  So try as hard to avoid those pesky purple ones okay?

pop a corn
So what are you waiting for?   

Aim for a really good high score and challenge your friends by sharing your score on Facebook.  This is just my first time high score.  What's yours? 

Spotcat Studio is a Philippine game developer.  Proudly Pinoy! Yey!
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My Tour Experience at EDL Excellence Gamefarm and Tagaytay Excellence Tourist Arena (TETA)

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A month ago, I got to visit EDL Excellence Gamefarm in San Mateo Rizal. 
I've been to farms before but it's the first time for me to see so much gamefowls in concrete teepees in my life! 

I came to know that there are many farms like this all over the Philippines.  As it is legal in the Philippines, this 50-million lucrative industry is a source of livelihood, employment, and a decent form of income to roughly two million Filipinos.  It is the second most popular sport in the country next to basket ball.   It even has a lot of publications such as "Pit Games Magazine" and "Llamado".  It also has TV shows such as "Sultada" and "Sagupaan".  Enthusiasts feels that it is deeply carved in the Philippine culture and is an respectful application of both science and art. 

As these creatures are territorial in nature, they are tied to their own assigned area and they can't reach the others.  As you can see, like in any agribusiness, all of them are well taken care of.  They are dewormed and fed conditioning feeds and supplements such as antibiotics and vitamins AMTYL 500 and AMBROXITIL for antibiotics.  

The farm is big so it even has a training center.

The former one is for people, this one is for the animals.  It's a mental conditioning process so this is created to mimic of the actual arena.

Mini Zoo
El Dia Gamefarm is currently being developed to be a recreational and tourist area. 
They have a mini zoo which is composed of mostly aviary animals.

Crocodile Farm
They also have crocodiles.

After this, we had a lunch at their amazing farm-to-table restaurant Estancia De Lorenzo.

Tagaytay Excellence Tourist Arena (TETA)
While I enjoyed the animals and the food in Rizal, my favorite part is visiting their smaller farm at the Tagaytay Excellence Tourist Arena (TETA) in Brgy. Malaki Tagaytay City.
We got a closer look and a deeper understanding about the nature and handling of gamefowls.

Hardening Pen
I used to think that roosters will peck you if you hold them just like our pet birds.  With proper handling, I was able to carry one myself and I think they really like it.

Each player has a set of blade (tari) which is quite scary to handle.

It is so sharp that it can slice a hair into half.

Since ancient times, these gamefowls fight each other by instinct.  Each breed has it's own fighting styles.  You have to hold it by the tail feathers and bring them close three times to prepare them and they'll automatically do what they are born to do. 

I never knew how witty and swift they can be.

Just across the farm is the Tagaytay Excellence Tourist Arena (TETA) itself.  I've heard that this is one of the best in the area.  I'm quite impressed actually.  I thought it was some scary wood structure. 

Overall, the experience has been an eye opener for me.  Are you like me too?

Balamban Liempo of Cebu Opens in Guadalupe Makati

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Balamban Liempo of Cebu was first established in a humble July 2009 in the town of Balamban in Cebu.  It wasn't long before it's popularity has spread by word of mouth.
balamban liempo cebu
Now, Balamban Liempo of Cebu has reached Manila as it open a branch in Makati.  According to the owners Jojo and Honey Vergara, this will be the first of many as they are now open for joint ventures for only 250,0000 php.

balamban liempo cebu
Their main products are: Grilled Liempo (pork belly) sold at 190 php per slab that is good for 2-4 persons and Lechon Manok sold at 189 php per whole chicken that is good for 4-6 persons

balamban liempo cebu
Their Grilled Liempo is distinguish from the rest as it is a golden slab of marbelized pork belly filld with fresh herbs and spices from Cebu.  It's very flavorful and salty just the way locals of Cebu love it.  It's served chopped and ready to it.

balamban liempo cebu
Look at how juicy their Lechon Manok is!  It is also filled with the same herbs and spices as the Grilled Liempo.

Balamban Liempo
2131 Nuestra Sebiora St., Brgy Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City
+63 932  965 4962

Thai Royale Spa: Majestic Hidden Pampering Palace (Mandaluyong)

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I love life.  It's an endless quest which in which I impose upon myself to give it all I can.  I keep up with its rapid pace and seize every opportunity to earn and learn from it as much as I can.

But you see, no matter how much I'd want to be invincible.  There are also moments when I need to stop, recharge and pamper and put my conquest on hold.  One such effective measure is going to a spa.  It's actually one of my favorite activity so you can't imagine my delight when my friends invited me to pamper at Thai Royale Spa.  

thai royale
Who would have thought that a majectic hidden pampering palace like Thai Royale Spa would exist in the busy city of Mandaluyong.

thai royale spa
Don't let its tricky facade fool you.  As you climb up, you'd be surprised this 24-hour familiy-oriented spa has 25 spacious rooms equipped with Thai floor beds and Swedish raised beds since body massage is its core specialty.  It also has 6 cozy seats for foot massages.

thai royale spa
I was quite surprised at how affordable they are offering their services.  I availed the Combination Package A with 1 HR Swedish Massage and 1 HR Foot Massage for only 499 php.

thai royale spathai royale spa
As soon as I signed the guest list, I was escorted by my massage therapist Mica across it's beautiful and elegant Thai influenced hallways towards the foot massage area.

thai royale spathai royale spa
Upon being seated on the cozy leatherette seats, Mica fetch a wooden bucket of water to soak my feet.

thai royale spa
Treated like a royalty, Mica asked if I approve of the temperature before letting me plunge my feet.

thai royale spa
Soon, we were given a warm shoulder pad and warm waist pads which was really soothing.  My hands had a quick massage and then a lengthy one for my feet.  It was so good that none of us could resist dozing off. 

thai royale spa
I was massaged from the foot up to the calf.  I've had foot massages before but the use of the stick is quite new to me.  I've been told that they were all DOH Certified and specially trained by a Wat PO Thailand certified specialist.

thai royale spa
After an hour, Mica led me to one of their rooms another hour of Swedish Massage.  They had a safety box where you can place your valuables.

Given my seemingly frail body, I actually have a body of a warrior so when I was asked whether I like to have Soft or Moderate.  I politely suggested that I like it Hard to which she agreed.  Mica was really good!  My once hardened and rigged muscles became soft and flexible. 

thai royale spa
After my session, she politely asked if I wanted hot warm tea or iced tea.  It was served with a hot towel.

Overall, I had an enchanting royal treatment.  I loved the service and would certainly recommend my massage therapist Mica for you to try.

Apart from this branch, they have 15 other branches and are currently open for franchise.   You can contact the owner Ms. Kate with the details below.  Thai Royal Spa is also the sister company of Suay Skin Facial Spa and Kai Cha

Thai Royale Spa
#599, 2nd floor, Chowking Bldg., Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City
(2nd floor of Watsons & OB Ped, beside Jollibee Maysilo and in front of Petron Maysilo & R&J Bulalohan)
Contact: 584-8424(THAI) / 0917 346 6953/ 0908 178 1746

Facebook Fan Page