Keesh Wellness Spa: Relaxing Collagen Facial and Body Massage (Maginhawa Diliman Quezon City)

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Friends and family have long telling me to slow down and relax a bit.  Being a workaholic, I have found it difficult to allocate for pampering time.  Fortunately, a friend recommended a spa near my workplace called Keesh Wellness Spa.

keesh wellness spa
It is located in Maginhawa Diliman near Mini Stop.

keesh wellness spa
The only problem is their store visibility.  See that white tarpaulin?  That is their only signage.  I had to walk inside the shop to ask where the spa is actually located.  They pointed me to the driveway on the left side which had a staircase leading to the second floor. 

keesh wellness spa
Once you head up, you can easily find it.

keesh wellness spa
Check out this hidden lovely place!

keesh wellness spa
I tried their Swedish Spa which was affordable!  Only 300 php for 1 hour.  My massage therapist Clemen was very courteous.  The massage was so good.  I was actually dozed off.

keesh wellness spa

I thought the Collagen Facial will take place here.  But, it's actually also in bed.  I've been neglecting my face.  Yes!!! I needed this!  My face is always irritated but Keesh was able to do a great job with the cleaning and collagen mask.  For only 400 php, I am happy to say, I was more satisfied witht he facial than the massage. 

keesh wellness spa price list
Keesh also has promo packages which you can avail of for more savings. 

Keesh Wellness Spa
Second Floor
978 Maginhawa, Diliman,
Quezon City, Metro Manila

5 Facts to Know About Red Light Camera Tickets

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California law enforcement processes thousands of red light tickets every year. For police, these tickets are easier than ever to issue with the assistance of red light cameras that clearly identify a car’s license plate and driver’s face. If issued one of these citations, getting a traffic attorney California is very helpful for there are many ways to fight back on this.

1. There Are Red Light Ticket Scams

Some Californians have received letters that look official but are actually detailed scams designed to trick unsuspecting citizens to pay someone who is not a courthouse. Most of the time, the letters will tell you to pay the fine over phone or online. That never happens with a real ticket. Red light ticket lawyers review documents that look suspicious.

2. Car Triggers the Camera If It Enters Intersection

The way the camera is set up, it takes a picture if a car enters the intersection. If your car is in the intersection while the light is still yellow, the camera will not activate. In many cases, people believe they can make a yellow light in time so they pick up the speed in order to do so. However, their luck is not always on their side and the signal changes before they are through. If this is the case, a California speeding ticket attorney is extremely beneficial to get this kind of ticket dismissed.

3. There Will Usually Be Signs

There could be red light camera signs anywhere between 10 and 500 feet back from the traffic light. However, some cameras may not have any signs posted. Some cameras signify their presence by painting extra lines within the intersection.

4. It Can Be Incorrect

While it is rare, sometimes cameras show incorrect pictures. For example, on a rainy or misty day, police may be unable to adequately read the license plate and issue a ticket to the wrong driver.

5. You Can Fight a Red Light Ticket

There are numerous ways to fight a ticket. If the license plate is obstructed, then you can use that to your defense. If there are multiple vehicles in the intersection, you can argue the other vehicle distorted the view of your vehicle and that it is not actually you. There are numerous ways to fight these tickets, and you need to contact an attorney from Ticket Clinic to help you with your case.

How to Protect Your Own Business

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Opening your own business is a fairly straightforward process. From filing for a business, creating your tax id application, to getting your employer identification number (EIN), things can take up to as little as an hour. Of course, there remains the alarming statistic that most businesses fail in the first five years.  Some people let this fact deter them from opening a business at all.  If you are wise, though, you will focus on protecting your business.  These are some ways to increase the chances that your business will be among the survivors.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

It is a good idea to think big but start small with a new business.  Start with a project or scope that requires only a small amount of startup capital and overhead.  For example, you can start with a food truck with four items on the menu.  Meanwhile, you can be thinking about the future.  Your five-year plan could be to open five food court stalls and a sit-down restaurant.

Protect the Private Information of Your Business

Very few people know which eleven seasonings are part of a world-famous chicken recipe, but trade secrets are not the only information business owners need to protect.  You are careful not to let people steal your identity by finding out your social security number or bank account numbers.  Likewise, only reveal private information about your business, such as bank account numbers and computer passwords, to employees you really trust.  The bigger your business gets, the more of a challenge this is.  You should also choose secure passwords for all password-protected accounts.  Sign all documents by hand; having a signature stamp is too dangerous.

It is a challenge to keep your business solvent and its private information safe.  A legal taxpayer ID for your business, however, is only a few clicks awy.

The Most Popular Men’s Helmets on

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Due to its status as the most important piece of protective equipment, choosing a
motorcycle helmet is an intensely personal decision. It’s easy to get paralysis by
analysis while reviewing the seemingly limitless features and options available. wants to make your life a little easier by revealing its most popular
helmets for men. Look at what works for other people and see if these fantastic
pieces of head protection are just what you need.

The Open Champion
The most popular helmet was determined by the highest rating with a minimum of 20
reviews. Just hitting the 20-review minimum, the HJC CS-5N open-face motorcycle
helmet received an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. DOT-approved and under $100,
it’s no surprise this old-school helmet is the king of the open-face models. Featuring
plenty of ventilation and a lightweight design, customers raved that the HJC CS-5N
was among the most comfortable helmets they’ve owned.

The Number-One Helmet
When it came to full-face helmets, the Shoei RF-1100 Solid was the clear winner with
a 4.9 from 23 reviews. Owners were impressed with the protective qualities of the RF-
1100, which includes advanced shell materials and a dual-layer EPS liner. The
aerodynamic design and snug fit create head protection that offers top-notch

The Best Website
Whether you want a modular, off-road, or XXS motorcycle helmet,
has almost every kind of head protection you can imagine. Most of its helmets are
available with the free shipping offer on orders of $99 or more. If your helmet is less
than $99, you know you’re getting them for cheap with their Best Price Guarantee.
Head over to to read about these exceptional helmets and many more
like them. Customers just like you post ratings, reviews, and information about
helmet fit to help you make an informed decision. If you need motorcycle helmets for
big heads, why not get honest reviews from riders who wear them?

Roaming Buddy: A Digital Nomad’s Best Friend

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Internet access has been declared a human right by the UN way since back in 2011, and yet it
is still notoriously hard to find. Frequent travellers know this best, especially those who need to
take their work with them. The thought of frantically searching for wireless signal while trying to
beat a deadline on the go would be enough to dampen any travel plans. Despite its advantages,
living the digital nomad lifestyle still has this one major blocker to overcome.

However, a company has been constantly chipping away at this global problem, and is now
poised to eradicate it once and for all. Roam Buddy claims to be able to deliver wireless Internet
in more than 90 countries around the world, without the hassle of changing providers or signing
up for other services.

Roaming Just Got Easier
Imagine a device that can deliver unlimited (yes, no capping!) 24/7 Internet access no matter
which borders you cross. Roam Buddy aims to be just this. Powered by Skyroam, a company
that provides a “global hotspot”, Roam Buddy is a small, handheld device that acts as a wireless
router. Simply connect your mobile devices to it (up to 5 at a time), and enjoy consistent Net

Roam Buddy has a pretty amazing list of countries covered. Whether you’re watching eating
shawarma in Turkey, or tending to elephants in Southern Asia, Roam Buddy has you covered.
And because it’s battery-powered and pocket-friendly, you can use the device while being
where the action is. Skype with your loved ones while dangling your feet over a picturesque
Andalusian gorge, or submit your work while sipping cocktails in Montserrat. Or, better yet, use
it to find your way while trekking through terra incognita.

That last part is what I’ve been using Roam Buddy for as I travel Europe. I’ve been using its
services to find the best tourist places, to search Google Maps, to know the train schedule, and
more! As a digital nomad and online freelancer, it also helps me complete my tasks without
having to shuffle back to the hotel’s WiFi zone.

I absolutely love the service because no matter how many borders and time zones you cross,
the rates are still the same. It’s still part of the same 24 hours.

Friendly travel options
While Roam Buddy is easily positioning itself as a travel must-have, it has to make itself
available to budget travelers, too. For frequent travellers such as businessmen, a unit can be
purchased for $99. The purchase includes 3 free “Daypasses”. A Daypass (a full day of Internet
access) can then be topped up for $8 a day.

And for those who just travel on occasion — backpackers, tourists, and the like — a rent option
is also available. Roam Buddy also offers unlimited Internet at as low as $8 a day. As a plus, it
can be delivered to your location or you can pick it up from one of their offices.
It’s devices like Roam Buddy that help make the world a more connected place, opening up new
possibilities for its users. What can the Internet do for you? Find out as you roam the world!
How it Helps

For students who do online tutorial, study online or who would like to learn a different language
from abroad. You will no longer need to worry about the lack of internet connections. So go
ahead and book your math, science, language or physics tutor with smiletutor because even
while you are on a trip, you can be assured that you will be connected.

Barangay 143: Philippine's Newest Basket Ball Android Mobile Game

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I have a secret... When I was younger, I used to be an addict online gamer.  Gaming opened me to a whole new experience.  As I joined guilds and attended game conventions, I was able to make new friends which I still keep until today.  I have not been updated with the gaming industry lately so I decided to go to the E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) at the SMX Convention Center last October 28.  I was impressed by our locally made games like Synergy 88's Barangay 143.

synergy 88 barangay 143
I was further impressed that the company is headed by a woman - Jackline Chua.

synergy 88 barangay 143
The Barangay 143 game is a prequel to the soon to be animation series with the same name.  The story line is quite interesting.  The main character  Joaquin or “Wax” Rivera is a young and inexperienced basketball player. His father is a basketball legend.  As you go through along the game, he will learn from four basketball masters and he will be challenged by hardcore ballers.  Can he make his name in the basketball league just like his father?  That is what we are about to find out in the game and in the animation series.  It will also give the gamers and audience a localized feel of how street and league basketball is here in the Philippines.  We Filipinos have always loved basketball among other sports.  It is exciting to see our love be shown in the form of an android game and animation right?

synergy 88 barangay 143
The Barangay 143 is a free android mobile game that aims to give gamers the ultimate arcade experience.  Arcade games have always been something simple yet competitively motivating for gamers of all ages.  The company also plans to sponsor real basketball leagues and hold events so gamers can engage and grow from the holistic experience.