VR+ Next Generation Virtual Reality: How We Beat the VR Game

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Whether its physical or virtual, my cousins have been our constant playmates for more than 2 decades!  After our dinner at S' Maison, they invited us to try the VR+ Next Generation Virtual Reality which they've tried several times but couldn't finish.

vr plus next generation virtual reality
It was located at the end side of Level 2 S'Maison near the restroom. 

vr + next generation virtual reality
We began last February we were lucky to avail of their 30% opening promo so it allowed us to try many times.

virtual reality game s maison
The games had a player number limit.  Since we were 10 and the game we chose had a limit of 5, we had to divide into groups of 5. 

virtual reality game s maison
The guns are a bit heavy but my 12-year old nephew can carry it.

vr game s maison
The rifle is the best weapon for us.

vr game s maison
The games are segregated into different rooms.  We did the Prison Jail so we were ushered to the empty room with black walls. 

vr plus game s maison
Game Experience

1. Graphics
    The game graphics was the most disappointing aspect for me.  I was expecting HD 3D graphics but the game we played was pixelated. 

2. Game Play
     We loved the shooting game we played.  They even had a scoreboard similar to lazer tag games we used to play when we were younger.

3. Equipment
    The weapons were generally good.  But, there was one time when my riffle lost power and didn't have sounds while shooting.  It totally ruined the gaming experience.  It was difficult to know whether I am shooting or out of ammunition or dead.

4. Price
    The discounted price was reasonable but full price is a bit pricey so after we finished the game, we hardly played again.

How We Beat the VR Game
They say that practice makes perfect.  After losing in every game, there was a coffee session for a strategy meeting.  We had to analyze and discuss about the game and ourselves.  Here's my tips:

1. Assign the highest scoring player to the spot where there are many enemies that will pop out. 
2. Adopt a cue system.  We adopted the following shouts which we think are important:
    a. Help
    b. Dead
    c. Alive
    d. Boss
3. Don't fully wear the headset so you can hear your team mate's cues or warning.
4. No need to save bullets, just keep on firing and reload when you're idle.
5. You can shoot in all directions without shooting your team mate.
6. Don't try to finish it when you're tired.  A strategy break or rest is a good way to save your effort and money.

Overall, it was a good experience for us.  We had tons of fun!  Hope they can add more interesting games with better graphics soon.

Fujifilm X-T100 Ambassador James Reid, Baninay, Deegee Razon, Kerwin King and More!

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Yesterday, July 14, 2018 at the Fujfilm Fair held in Glorietta 2 Activity Center.   I arrived just in time for the Fujifilm X-T100 with James Reid #ShowMeYourWorld as the event hall was already surrounded by fans. 

fujifilm x-t100 james reid
Fujifilm celebrity ambassador James Reid shared that he is happy to be part of the Fujifilm family for two years now.

fujifilm x-t100 james reid binany vloggers
It also introduced 18 other ambassadors: Dee Gee Razon, Kerwin King, Rhea Bue, Aryanna Epperson, Marco Gumabao, Lharby Policarpio, Sebastian Castro, Baninay Bautista, Aura Azarcon, Matt Nicolai, Bani Logrono, Jesi Corcuera, Benedict Cua, Gil Cuerva and more.

I think that one thing that's cool about Fujifilm.  It aligns its product well with its market.  The Fujifilm X-T100 at the SRP price of 39,990 php makes it the ideal photography and videography equipment for young enthusiasts.  It inspires us to believe that we can be as influencial as its 18 ambassadors.

james reid fujifilm xt-100 ambassador
James Reid shared what he likes more about the Fujifilm X-T100.

I agree with him on the importance of how easy a camera is so you can focus on shooting.  That is what got me started with my Fujifilm mirrorless camera four years ago too.

bret jackson fujifilm x-t100 launch
Bret Jackson
Bret Jackson heats up the stage as he performs before the crowd.

So the shouts and cheers were so loud when James Reid finally showed himself.

I'm sure you all want to see him perform live on stage so here it is.
jadine fans
The lucky 25 first purchasers got to take a photo with James Reid.  For those who weren't as lucky, they still received some love from James through a groufie.

fujifilm philippines glen gatan
Glen Gatan, senior product specialist, shared the highlight features of Fujfilm X-T100.

Actually, I also considered this as my next upgrade unit so I'll share my Top Considerations for Fujfilm X-T100 (This is supposing you already fell in love with Fujifilm like I did and only consider other Fujifilm models as alternative),

Fujfilm X-T100
Fujfilm X-T100
 Fujfilm X-T100 vs. Fujfilm X-A5 vs. Fujfilm X-E3 vs. Fujfilm X-T20
  1. Price Point
  • At an SRP 39,990 php the Fujfilm X-T100 with XC14-45mm kit lens, it is only 5,000 php more than X-A5 which is the latest in the A series. On the other hand it is far cheaper than the X-E3 priced at 64,990 php and X-T20 priced at 51,990 php with the same kit lens.  
Fujfilm X-T100
Fujfilm X-T100
       2. Electronic Viewfinder
  • When shooting outdoors, having a viewfinder is essential.  The Fujfilm X-T100 is the cheapest Fujifilm model with a view finder.

      3.  Colors Available
  • To date, this is the only Fujifilm mirrorless that has a Champagne Gold variation apart from the classic Black and Silver.  (Yes, I am the kind of consumer who considers color in par with features)
       4. Centered Pop-Up Flash
  • I have never used my pop-flash with my A series because it is position on the side.  Flash at the center is better.
       5. 30-Minute Video Clip Length
  • Video clip length for Full HD (not 4K) is 30 minutes.  This is a big improvement from the 5-minute limit (4K) and 14-minute limit (Full HD) of X-A5.
       6. 4K Burst and 4K Multi-Focus
  • You can take 4K Burst and 4K Multi Focus still images of 8-megapixels at 15 fps.  For video I wouldn't recommend shooting on 4k at 15 fps.  It's like the GoPro Hero 5 (who used its 4k at 15 fps before the Gopro Hero 6 was released with 4k at 30 fps right?).  Who shoots at 4k anyway?  If you're uploading on social media, 1080 Full HD is enough.
       7. XC15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ kit lens
  • It comes with the XC15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ kit lens which is the first Fujifilm motorized powerzoom lens.  It is so compact (nearly the size of a pancake lens) and lightweight (only 136g while the XC16-50mmF3.5-5.6 OIS II is at 195g!). It is also reviewed to be sharper than the XC16-50mmF3.5-5.6 OIS II.
Of course, I also have reasons not to upgrade yet.  

        1. Weight
  • It weights 448g including the battery and SD card.  It is heavier than the X-A5 weighting 361g including the battery and SD card and X-E3 weighting 337g including the battery and SD card.  Having powerful mobile phones as an alternative and coming from the A series, I do not see myself as upgrading to a camera which weights 400 g or more.  
Other Fujfilm X-T100 ambassadors
kerwin king fujifilm x-t100
Kerwin King
I began my love for photography and instagram because of my Fujifilm mirrorless.  But, from time to time I get lazy in taking shots or lose creativity as I become buried with my day job.  During those slump days I would look at young, creative and passionate photographers to give me the kick I need to push me to revive my account again.

Nowadays, there's so many platforms for creativity and expression.  Let's see there's:

  • Blog
  • Youtube
  • Instagram (Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories and Instagram TV)
  • Facebook (Facebook Post, Facebook Stories, Facebook Live)
  • Twitter
  • Podcast
  • and many more...
matt nicolai fujifilm x-t100
 Matt Nicolai
Being an accountant (analytical mind), my left brain (creative mind) is already being stretched with writing tasks in blogging and photography through instagram.  So I really look up to those who can do so many things like write, photograph, act, produce, video edit and more at the same time!

bani logrono fujifilm x-t100
Bani Logrono
I mean what can they possibly not do right?  They trully deserve the spotlight!

fujifilm x-t100 launch
They have the gift of showing us their world of spontaneity and fun!

fujifilm x-t100 launch
Sebastian Castro

benedict cua fujifilm x-t100
Benedict Cua
aura azarcon fujifilm x-t100
Dra. Aura Azarcon
Aside from that, they also have their reputable professions.

baninay bautista fujifilm x-t100
Baninay Bautista
fujifilm x-t100 model
Lharby Policarpio

gil cuerva fujifilm x-t100
Gil Cuerva 

fujifilm x-t100 launch

bret jackson james reid
The program ended with a performance by Bret Jackson and James Reid.

Of course, it gained more cheers than ever.

fujifilm philippines
Congratulations Fujifilm for a sucessful Fujifilm X-T100 launch.  Hope you will continue to be a perceived strong and reliable brand with superb after sales service.

Aquafina: The Worlds Best Water Now in the Philippines #BestBeginsNow

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Last June 22, I was invited to Aquafina's launch in the Philippines.  Aquafina is the world's best selling water.  Prior to the launch, I've already encountered it in almost all convenience stores and supermarkets.  I was expecting it to be expensive given its luxurious look.  But, turns out it is quite affordable. 

aquafina Philippines
Pia Wurtzbach, Michelle Gumabao, Francis Libiran, Jonas Gaffud, Albert Kurniawan, Nicco Santos, Chichi Tullao, Martine Cajucom,Sam YG and Suzy Gamboa
To celebrate its arrival in the Philippines, it also introduced its #BestBeginsNow Campaign. 

sam yg suzy
Hosts Sam YG and Suzy Gamboa
Experts from three specialties: Beauty, Content Creation, and Hosting were there to inspire the youth to be the best version of themselves. 

aquafina best begins now
Pia Wurtzbach, Michelle Gumabao, Francis Libiran, Jonas Gaffud, Albert Kurniawan, Nicco Santos, Chichi Tullao, Martine Cajucom,Sam YG and Suzy Gamboa
In our modern world bombarded with criticism, negative media and depressing status shares, I found the #BestBeginsNow campaign to be very empowering and inspiring. 

samyg suzy gamboa
Hosting Area with Sam YG and Suzy Gamboa
Although it was targeted for the youth jumpstart their careers and reach their full potential, it also gave me a refreshing jolt that I needed to refocus and seek the best in life.

Food styling with Hey Handsome chef Nicco Santosand food stylist Chichi Tullao
Food styling with Hey Handsome chef Nicco Santosand food stylist Chichi Tullao
The passion and enthusiasm of the experts and guests was contagious.

food styling
This was my attempt on flatlay which was not so good because of the shadows.  But, the most important thing is we try!!!

jonas gaffud mama j
Jonas Gaffud
These girls are so lucky!  I wish I had the chance and confidence when I was young too.

magic 89 9
Fans were also given the chances to win Magic 89.9 goodies.

Pia Wurtzbach
The highlighted talk was when Miss Pia Wurtzbach shared her many attempts before she finally made it.  She credits her stubborness in not giving up as her the biggest factor for her success.

Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue: Acupunture Resolved My Mysterious Flu-like Symptoms

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I thought I was becoming healthier.  Last May 29, I enrolled in yoga class.  (Determined to fix my rounded back and shoulders which I had since college.  Beginning June, I drank lemon water first thing in the morning.  I substituted Old Town 2-in-1 Coffee for teas (black, earl grey, chrysanthenum,matcha, chamomile and green tea) and hot chocolate made from unsweetened pure cocoa tablea.  For snacks, it was an apple or a handful or salted almonds.  Yet when rainy days came, I was surprised to be instantly sick with flu-like symptoms.  I had head aches, fatigue, chills, runny knows, itchy eye lids, teary etes and frequent urination.

I had to miss two weeks of yoga.  I had to take a sick leave from work.  Yet despite all the healthy foods, vitamins, flu medicine and rest, I was not getting any better.  By June 17, I literally felt like sh*t.  I couldn't do any work because my head was cloudy and my eyes felt strained, my eyelids were itching badly, I was too weak to take the stairs which was my daily routine, I was chilly despite wearing two jackets, I had runny nose, I was restless and couldn't sleep.  I was worried about my seminar the next day which does not allow absence.  Supposing I attend, I couldn't have as much rest room breaks.
Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue
Out of desperation, I resolved to seek the aid of an acupunturist.  I've tried an acupunturist twice before and it was able to address my issues which traditonal medicine couldn't solve.

Initially, I  googled for an acupunturist in Quezon City where I work so I could visit duting lunch break. I found INAM and tried to call them but no response.  I then resolved to wait until after work.  I checked the website of Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue for his schedule.  How convenient that he has clinic hours from 4 to 8 (after work hours!) at PGH so I quickly pm'd him.  As he replied within a few minutes, I had a sigh of relief.

I arrived at the Family medicine clinic at PGH at around 6:45 pm.  Dr. Philip was rhe sole Doctor available there so naturally, patients in line were his patients.  I had to wait 15 minutes before it was my turn.

As this was my second visit, I have confirmed Dr. Philip's approach.  Unlike the extensive checklist of status and forms from my previous visit to Regina Liu, Dr. Philip simply asks what is your problem that you would like him to resolve and after he quickly inspects your tongue and in my case, also the wrist, he will initiate his acupuncture.  He stated that I was "hamog na hamog".  He told me he would make my back sweat.

I had around 6 needles on the front side (15 minutes), 2 needles at the back and 1 on top of my head (15 minutes).

By 9 pm, I messaged Dr. Philip that I was feeling but not near sweating point. He advised me to wrap up.  So by  11 pm, I slept with 2 layered blankets.  I sweat from head to toe during the night despite having the aircon switched on.  I woke up the next morning from one of the best sleep I've had this year perhaps.

Now, I am attending the seminar. Eyes still feeling a bit dried but, eye lids are no longer swollen and itchy.  I can touch it comfortably.  Despite feeling a bit weak like recovering from illness, I no longer have chills, runny nose and frequent urination.

So confirmed, Dr. Philips acupunture is effective.  After 3 weeks of trying to resolve the problem, I finally found relief within hours!

Keesh Wellness Spa: Relaxing Collagen Facial and Body Massage (Maginhawa Diliman Quezon City)

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Friends and family have long telling me to slow down and relax a bit.  Being a workaholic, I have found it difficult to allocate for pampering time.  Fortunately, a friend recommended a spa near my workplace called Keesh Wellness Spa.

keesh wellness spa
It is located in Maginhawa Diliman near Mini Stop.

keesh wellness spa
The only problem is their store visibility.  See that white tarpaulin?  That is their only signage.  I had to walk inside the shop to ask where the spa is actually located.  They pointed me to the driveway on the left side which had a staircase leading to the second floor. 

keesh wellness spa
Once you head up, you can easily find it.

keesh wellness spa
Check out this hidden lovely place!

keesh wellness spa
I tried their Swedish Spa which was affordable!  Only 300 php for 1 hour.  My massage therapist Clemen was very courteous.  The massage was so good.  I was actually dozed off.

keesh wellness spa

I thought the Collagen Facial will take place here.  But, it's actually also in bed.  I've been neglecting my face.  Yes!!! I needed this!  My face is always irritated but Keesh was able to do a great job with the cleaning and collagen mask.  For only 400 php, I am happy to say, I was more satisfied witht he facial than the massage. 

keesh wellness spa price list
Keesh also has promo packages which you can avail of for more savings. 

Keesh Wellness Spa
Second Floor
978 Maginhawa, Diliman,
Quezon City, Metro Manila