Movie Review: One Day

Kurt and I watched the movie One Day at SM Megamall yesterday.  To our surprise, there was not much audience for this film when we watched it.  Is it underrated?

One Day is a movie adaptation of a novel by David Nicholls published in 2009.  The genre is melodramatic so there is no humor in it.  The novel attracted positive reviews and was awarded the 2010 Galaxy Book of the Year.  Was the movie almost as good as the book?

The movie adopted the style of presenting the protagonists life situations every July 15th (which is the "One Day").  Like the book it last twenty years but some years was merely passed by.  I felt that there was a lack of development in the characters especially with Emma played by Anne Hathaway.  But viewers still could follow through the story.

The portrayal of Dexter by Jim Sturgess was actually fitting and good.  On the other hand, Emma's character could have been played out better.  She was supposed to be a very interesting character.  But Dexter seem to have had more spotlight in the movie. Ian casted by Rafe Spall was pretty good.

I didn't like the way they ended the film.  They could've added a little more suspense or mysteriousness in it rather than viewing it from an angle that made it so obvious.

Overall, for a melodramatic romantic movie, One Day is better than expected.  Being based on a novel, I can't really criticize the story but merely the presentation.  That being okay but could have done better.  But the film is still worth the watch if you enjoyed the novel or love watching melodramatic romantic movies.