Beksul Instant Sesame Glutinous Bread Mix

My little sister has always been a K-Pop fan since we were young.  One day, we saw a Korean Brand "Beksul" bread mix at the grocery so we purchased it.  It's an Instant Sesame Glutinous Bread Mix.

The instructions were pretty simple.  First, add water and then mix.  Soon, you'll notice that it will look like dough already.
Next, turn it into a ball and dip it in flour.  Place the rolled balls in a flat bread pan and bake it.

Let it cool until you are able to touch it. Its best to be eaten while warm .  Its crunchy on the outside, soft in the inside with the glutinous rice in the middle.

It's lightly salted and delicious!  We loved it!  We will surely purchase Beksul Instant Sesame Glutinous Bread Mix again.