Kaya Natin ~ A movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership

A country needs a government to be able to function properly. But, what if the ones who are handling the government are also the ones creating the problems? That is exactly the problem in our country.  It is not because we elected the wrong officials for the job but mainly because the bad people are combining their strengths to create a bigger effect. Truth be told strength do come in numbers so why can't the good people do the same thing?

To create a good government it requires two things:
1. A good administration 
2. good people

The government and its people go side by side. The government's foundation is its people while the people require the guidance and protection of its government to survive.  Thus, that being said a government is only as good as its people.

kaya natin
With that in mind Kaya Natin! was born. Formally launched in July 2008, this non-partisan movement  is only composed of good Filipinos from different sectors of society.  Their main goal was to espouse genuine change and ethical leadership in our country.  They are promoting changes in our government that would answer the needs of the Filipino people and enable them to deliver their services in an effective, ethical and empowering way and fight off the corruption.  By doing this, we can create future leaders who will set the standards of a continues and healthy process.

kaya natin
The Kaya Natin Champion Book
kaya natin
Kaya Natin Student leaders with Hon. Sonia Lorenzo, Cong. George Banal and Mr. Harvey Keh
"Our identities have no bodies, so, unlike you, we cannot obtain order by physical coercion. We believe that from ethics, enlightened self-interest, and the commonweal, our governance will emerge." - John Perry Barlow

So are you willing stand up and join the movement, help push for electoral reform, people empowerment and create a crusade against all illegal activities or just sit idly by?  

Honestly, I attended the invite just on Stacy's behalf because being a future lawyer someday, she was really interested in supporting good governance.  But upon attending, I  was moved by the mission and goal of the movement.  Hopefully, everyone will be inspired by the movements ideals on good governance and ethical leadership and make this a reality.  Learn more about the movement by visiting http://kayanatin.org.