The Haunted TV Series by Animal Planet

My mom and I love to watch paranormal movies and TV series so we decided to watch the haunted.  We watch these kind of films during the night while eating my specialty: microwave popcorn.
The haunted was not the usual paranomal TV series.  Since it is produced by animal planet, it obviously involves animals.  While watching this series, it exposed that animals could actually sense paranomal activities.  People usually think that only cats can see spirits, well through the series, we realized that even dogs can sense them too.  Also it was a shocking revelation that, animals have spirits too.  They can also haunt us.  Amazing right?

This is definitely worth watching if you are curious about the paranomal side.  It's an eye-opener and also something that can give you goosebumps as you watch.  Naturally, I recommend it to people like us who loves to watch these type of shows.  If you've watched this, let us know what you think.