My Top 3 Games to Play during a Blackout thanks to typhoon Pedring

Arriving right on time for Typhoon "Ondoy's" one-year anniversary is Typhoon "Pedring".  I woke up today hearing the strong whispers of the wind.  Looking out, everything is flooded.  There's nowhere to go but just stay at home.  There was no electricity nor signal on our cellular phones.  We had no news of what was going on.  It was only around 5 p.m. that our electricity was restored.  Our family decided to play games instead.  Here are my top 3 favorite games to play during a blackout or brownout (Philippine term).

1. Word Factory
My mom taught us this game when I was around seven years old.  I don't know why all the female members of the family loves this but the males don't.  The game is simple.  In three minutes find as many words as you can by connecting the letters.  

Word Factory

2. Chess
My dad taught me this game when I was five years old.  According to my dad, there are a lot of aspects in life that are similar to playing a chess.  Until now, I still agree with him that it is true.  I recall the days when we would play.  Back then, his mind was at its best.  By my first move, he could already predict how many counter-moves he would make before he could beat me.  Every time I play, I still wonder how he was able to do that.  As we grew older, his condition began to diminish and I could already beat him but it was not satisfying.  Now, I often play with my brother an sister instead.
3. Mahjong
The Mahjong is the most famous gambling games with the Chinese.  This game can be really addictive. We've played this for hours and hours without even realizing that the electricity is back.  But, we played it without betting.  The game is good even without money.
How about you?  What do you do during blackouts or brownout (Philippine term)?