An extra long holiday due to dengue fever

Last Wednesday, my mom overworked herself a bit and the next day she got a fever.  She was still continuing her daily routine.  Just this Tuesday, we all got surprised that her nose bled and my little sister advised that she be brought for a blood test.  The tests revealed that her platelets dropped to 30,000 when the normal was 400,000.  We immediately search for a doctor.  It was difficult find one since it was a holiday.

As a last resort, we called and consulted from Healthway and their medtech advised us to rush my mom to an Emergency Room (E.R.).  She was admitted instantly at Medical Center Manila Hospital.  She was positive for Dengue Fever.  In order to increase her platelets she had 3 bags of plasma transfused.  According to my sister, low platelets means you can have internal bleeding anytime.

Blood samples were taken from her every six hours to monitor her platelets.  Some blood samples were easily taken and some were not.  I hope she can recover soon.  Here is her results so far:

Tuesday (before admission) - 30,000
Tuesday (upon admission) - 22,000
Tuesday 6 p.m. - 18,000
Wednesday 12 a.m. - 18,000
Wednesday 6 a.m. - 20,000
Wednesday 12 .n.n - 24,000

The doctor said my mom's slow recovery was due to her diarrhea from the "tawa-tawa" extract.  He advised her to only drink water from then on.  Hopefully, she'll recover faster.  I guess its better to trust the doctor than hearsays and myths.=p

It's my first time to stay overnight with my mom at a hospital.  It felt like an ordinary hotel.  Price is almost the same too.   But I missed home instantly.  I missed my pillows, blanket and WiFi.=p  Lucky for me, I have 4 other siblings so we had shifts.  I can't imagine how homesick my mom is though.
My mom's bed
My bed
TV with Skycable=)
On the bright side, at least my mom finally had the chance to finish Smallville season 6.  Relatives visited the hospital everyday and everyone had a chance to catch up.   Thanks to all the friends and relatives who have showed their care and prayed for my mom's recovery.