Attending the Virtual Staff Finder Seminar at Berjaya Hotel

We were invited to attend the FREE Virtual Staff Finder Seminar: How To Be an AWESOME Home Based Worker.  I've been wanting to go because of the ff. reasons:
  1. I had absolutely no idea what Virtual Staffs so I'm very curious to know what its all about.
  2. I sent my resume to Virtual Staff Finder and I never got a reply so I'm itching to know why.
  3. I'll be studying MBA-Law for the next three years and I need some source of funding.  
Seeing this as an opportunity, I also invited Kurt to go with me but I guess he didn't find it interesting so I went there alone.  I arrived late so when I got there, the speaker Stephanie T. Tumulak was already discussing.  I looked at the attendees.  All of them were listening attentively and taking down notes.  Stephanie shared useful information about the field that I was able to see the overview and potential income of the job as virtual assistants.  

Stephanie's talk
During the break, I decided to transfer to the front seats to see the slides better.  I was able to meet Joanna, a virtual assistant from Quezon Province.  She was so nice! She gave me a couple of advises on how to enter the industry.  

Chris Ducker
Keys to success according to Chris
Great Principles=)
After the break, it was now Chris Ducker's turn to speak.  The guy was awesome.  He was an excellent speaker.  He could draw in the attention of the crowd in an instant.  He shared some tips on how to be successful and how to please the boss.  

The most interesting part of the seminar was during the question and answer portion.  Unlike me, a lot of participants are already working as virtual assistants.  Being home-based, they had a lot of problems and questions but there was no one they could address them to.  So when Chris Ducker stood there, openly,willingly and wittingly answering all their queries, the audience was very impressed.  I asked if Virtual Staff Finder hires newbies and he said "NO".  I guess that answers why my resume received no reply.=p  But for inexperienced wanna be's like me, I have great news because Chris Ducker announced that they will conduct a training around next year for a minimal fee.  Its a great offering because someone at the seminar remarked that some offer training for a price of P15,000.  Chris even commented that those types are the ones who take advantage of Filipinos who need to earn for a living.
My Certificate
Out of all the seminars I've been too, this seminar is one of the best.  I'm even surprised that its offered for FREE. I even regret being late.=(  Thank you so much Virtual Staff Finder, Chris Ducker and Stephanie Tumulak for organizing such a excellent event.  

In case you're wondering Virtual Staff Finder is actually a job finder site.  They charge clients to find them capable virtual staffs that meet their needs.  In the process, they are able to provide jobs for Filipino Virtual Staffs without getting any commission from them.  So if you're a Virtual Staff looking for potential income, check them out at