Honda Scoopy Launch at Bonifacio High Street

The other day, I was invited to attend the Honda Scoopy Launch at Bonifacio High Street.  There was a large tent set up around 9th street just for the event.  When I arrived at a little around 3 p.m., I saw several rider teams like the group of Alliance of BeAT Riders (ABR) who were supporting the event by joining the 5 p.m. motorcade.  Nicole Anderson was also there and she has a lot of fans taking her photo.  

I registered myself and checked out the new Honda Scoopy.  They were displayed for viewing.  There were five colors available: Red, Black, Yellow, White and Pink.  
I thought the Honda Scoopy looked familiar.  Then, I remembered that it's the scooter that is popular in other Asian countries.  I even saw it being endorsed by the handsome Mario Maurer.
Mario Maurer on a Honda Scoopy (credits to
Andi Manzano
I was just in time for the Amazing Race: Media Challenge.  It was hosted by Andi Manzano and played by five media teams composed of three players each.  I'm not sure if I was able to grasp the mechanics properly but I've observed that it has five parts:
  1. Solve math problems
  2. Gear-up
  3. Head to the Honda instructor for a ride on the Honda Scoopy
  4. While riding, other team mates can start solving mind puzzles like the Rubik Cube and forming shapes with the pieces
  5. Going to the judge when all tasks are accomplished

Simultaneous with the Amazing Race: Media Challenge was a Honda Scoopy Song Dance Contest.  Random contestants were chosen to dance with G-Force as their guide.  They first danced in group before they were made to dance individually for judging.  The only female contestant was held the winner based on the applause of the crowd.  She was awarded a Honda Jacket.
dance winner
Scooter Project designs for each school
There was also a polling going-on for "The Scooter Project" (Interschool Scooter Design Competition.  Honda Scoopy designed by each school was displayed so the crown can vote.  As a Lasallian, I voted for College of Saint Benilde. But honestly, I was a bit disappointed when I saw that the design was too plain compared to the rest. There was also a Honda Scoopy simulation game.  

Kuya who distributes balloons

Small balloons with stubs were being distributed all over Bonifacio High Street to invite people to the event.  The stubs can be used to get a FREE photo at the photo booth and a FREE Honda Cap.  I also got myself a small white balloon and got my photo taken.=)  
I met the blogger behind for the first time and we decided to claim our snack stub at Italliani's.  By the time we returned, Moonstar88 was playing one my favorite songs "Torete".  The crowd was gathering to watch the show.  
A introductory dance number was performed by G-Force to introduce the show hosts Sam YG and Slick Rick of Boys Night Out. (see video above) 
Sam YG and Slick Rick of Boys Night Out

The winners for "The Scooter Project" were awarded:
  • Grand Prize Winner: University of Saint Thomas
  • Second Prize Winner: University of the Philippines
  • Third Prize Winner: Asia Pacific College
  • Consolation Prize: College of Saint Benilde
(my apologies I missed one team)
The winners for the Amazing Race: Media Challenge were also presented their prizes.  The top three teams won a cash prize plus Honda watches.  While the last two teams were awarded consolation prizes. 
The hosts announced the five winners of their raffle for the Honda Sunglasses and Honda Jackets.  (I'm not sure how they got the raffle stubs)  Then, Honda's President Mr. Katsuhisa Yoda delivered an opening message.
Honda's President Mr. Katsuhisa Yoda
The "Honda Scoopy Song" music video by Ramon “RJ” Jacinto feat. Patti Grandidge was introduced. (see music video bove) RJ and Patti went on stage as they were given their own customized Honda Scoopy Scooters.  
Patti's Cute Scoopy on the right
RJ's Scoopy (Rock n' Roll Themed)
Rj, Patti with Sam YG and Slick Rick
RJ performed three songs with the Bloombrothers.  The first song was the Honda Scoopy Song.  He invited Mr. Yoda to play with him.  On the third song, RJ exhibited his rocking guitar skills by playing with the guitar on his back.  
RJ playing with Mr. Katsuhisa Yoda

Bloombrothers played until the end of the show
There was a few fireworks but we weren't able to catch them since I was at the tent listening to the Bloombrothers.
Overall, the Honda Scoopy Launch was a success.  The tent was packed with audience until the very end.  A lot of people got interested and inspected the Honda Scoopys displayed all over the place.  Everyone was delighted with their Freebies.

UPDATE: THe Honda Scoopy Photo Contest is now up and running check out Honda Scooter Philippines Fan Page