Fruiteamix in Connecticut Greenhills

We noticed a new tea place called Fruiteamix at Connecticut Street so we decided to drop by and try out there drinks.  It is a small humble place at a Japanese Store.  The ambiance is colorful and cozy.

Checking out there product images, I was enticed by the tea with fruit toppings.  I asked the staff which type of their beverage has those. She told me they don't really have fresh fruits.  I thought that was their unique selling point but it seems that it was just for food photography purpose.  So I ordered an Uji Matcha Milk Tea with Honey Aloe (95 php medium) while Kurt wanted to taste the unique Mango Milk Tea with Egg Pudding (95 php medium).  You have the option of choosing the sweetness levels: 0%, 50% and 100% (standard).  We didn't adjust the sweetness of our orders.
Uji Matcha Milk Tea with Honey Aloe
Upon first sip of my Uji Matcha Milk Tea with Honey Aloe, I loved it!  Despite being at a sweetness level of 100%, it was not to sweet.  I could taste the strong essence of green tea.  It goes well with the Honey Aloe bits too.  (at least for me because Kurt thinks otherwise)  This is by far the best Green Tea I've ever tried yet.
Mango Milk Tea with Egg Pudding
Kurt ordered Mango Milk Tea with Egg Pudding because we've never encounter a mango flavored milk tea before.  Now, we know why.  It tasted weird.  It was sour and tangy taste similar to Yakult plus the milk tea taste.  Kurt said it tasted better when you drink more but I'm not convinced.=p
Overall, it was pretty good.  But the goodness depends on what you order.  We'll probably come back and try other Fruiteamix varieties next time.


57 Connecticut St., Northeast Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila