First Nivea Men Challenge at 360 Fitness Club

Nivea wanted to showcase their new Multi-Effect 8 by inviting a few bloggers to the first Nivea Men challenge.  It was my first time to visit 360 Fitness Club.  It was not the traditional gym I have seen and visited.   There were no weights and exercise machines.  
Nivea men challenge
The challenge was 1 course with 8 routine exercises.  Each routine is allotted one minute.  Most of the routines were very innovative and unique like using a sledge hammer to hit a tire or rotating a ball.  The only exercise I was familiar with was the plain push ups.  They looked and sounded simple but they are tough because they actually required the usage  of all body muscles.  After the challenge was complete, we realized that the exercises formed an effective body workout.  So if you're bored with the plain set-up or the traditional gym, I dare you to try 360 Fitness Club.

Nivea men challenge
Explaining the routine

Nivea men challenge

Nivea Multi-Effect 8 is in essence the same as the activity.    It fights the 8 main problems of oily skin with only 1 application so its simple and beneficial.  There is the Nivea Multi-Effect 8  Face Wash and the Moisturizing Gel.  For best results, use the Face Wash then apply the Moisturizing Gel after cleansing.

The 8 Main benefits of the Nivea Multi-Effect 8 are:
    Nivea men challenge
  • long-lasting control of skin oiliness
  • removes oily shine
  • prevents blackheads & whiteheads
  • helps to prevent pimples
  • unclog, tightens and refines pores
  • refreshes the skin
  • prevents dry and taut skin feeling
  • smoothens and evens out the skin.

The specially-developed professional oil-free complex with active Carnitine, Salicylic Acid & Mineral Magnesium effectively targets 8 main problems of oily skin while leaving the skin with a clean and refreshed feeling.

The 8 Main Problems of Oily Skin are:
  1. Excessive Oiliness
  2. Oily Shine on Face/Skin
  3. Enlarged & Clogged Pores
  4. Dry skin feeling after cleansing
  5. Uneven & impure look
  6. Formation of blackheads
  7. Formation of whiteheads
  8. Acne
When working out, another effective product to use is the Nivea for Men Silver Protect.
Nivea men challenge
Get a chance to win cool prizes from Nivea for Men by playing Nivea facebook game where you Smack oils versus the AI Markus.   Beat Markus in oil smacking to each a higher score.   (Note: This game can be addicting if you're competitive)
Nivea men challenge
In the end of the day, the activity was really challenging.   Honestly, I didn't finish it.  On the bright side, I've increased my knowledge for self-improvement.   I've discovered how to be fit through 360 Fitness Club.   I also learned that Nivea Multi-Effect 8 can solve men's facial problems like whiteheads, blackheads, acne, pimples and more.  Being an established skin care brand for more than 100 years, who wouldn't trust Nivea?