Congratulations Team Mineski Infinity-PowerColor, Exo.Mski.Enderr and Duskin.HoN

After years of being behind the gaming scene, the Philippines through Team Mineski Infinity-PowerColor, Exo.Mski.Enderr and Duskin.HoN has finally stood up by accepting new challenges.  By doing so, they were able to make Philippine Gaming history by winning not only their first gold medal but also by dominating the first place in all categories.
team mineski

The Games Xpo Arena is composed of seven different nations namely : Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.  Each country wants to be crowned the E-Sports champion. Categorized as the non-favorite of the competition, team Philippines weren't disheartened.  Instead, they gave their best and redeemed the three gold medals in each categories.

TGX Arena Regional - Defense of the Ancients (DotA)
  • 1st - team mineski Mineski Infinity PowerColor (S$3000)
  • 2nd - team mineski Orange eSports (S$2000)
  • 3rd - team mineski MUFC (S$1000)
TGX Arena Regional - StarCraft II (SC2)
  • 1st - team mineski eXo.Mski.Enderr (S$600)
  • 2nd - team mineski NEO.RedArchon (S$400)
  • 3rd - team mineski pRo.Cobo (S$200)
World Cyber Games Singapore - Heroes of Newerth (HoN)
  • 1st - team mineski Duskbin.HoN (S$2000)
  • 2nd - team mineski Xtreme ChaotiX SG (S$1000)
  • 3rd - team mineski MUFC (S$500)

To thank the love and support of their fans Team Mineseki Infinity-PowerColor, Exo.Mski.Enderr and Duskin.HoN held a victory party at Coal Resto Bar Grill at Harbor Square, CCP Complex.
team mineski

team mineski
Fan Made Congratulations by Potchi
team mineski
Fans Lining up to join the party
team mineski
Giant Cheques of Team Mineski
team mineski
TGX Regional Grand Champion Trophy
team mineski
Fans enjoying the night
team mineski
Team Mineski Member entertaining their fans

team mineski
Cheers to you Team Philippines
Congratulations Team Mineski Infinity-PowerColor, Exo.Mski.Enderr and Duskin.HoN. We'll be expecting more achievements coming from you in the upcoming future.