Movie Review: The Adventures of Tin Tin IMAX 3D SM Southmall

When I was a child, I was an absolute "The Adventures of Tin Tin" Fan.  My siblings and I used to watch "The Adventures of Tin Tin" in cartoons over and over.  As if that wasn't enough, we also have a collection of Tin Tin comic books which we have kept until now.   So when I was invited to watch "The Adventure's  of Tin Tin" on IMAX 3D at SM Southmall, I said "yes" without any hesitation even though it was not the nearest IMAX theatre from where I live.  I invited Kurt to come too but he wasn't familiar with Tin Tin so he was quite hesitant but he decided to come along anyway.

It was actually my first time to try the IMAX theatre at SM Southmall since its launch last July.  The experience was awesome!   Arriving late after the rush hour traffic, we picked up some snacks which were served in a flash.  We had our Taquitos with Cheese and a bottle of Ice Cold Nestea Ice Tea served in a snack tray.  The large clear screen, laser-aligned digital sound and 3D effects on IMAX 3D brought our childhood Tin Tin memories to life.  After watching the movie, Kurt realized that he has watched the Tin Tin cartoon series before too.

The movie is perfect for all audiences.  It is recommended for both fans and non-fans alike.  Watching it in 3D was an enhancement to the experience because you could see the characters and action being brought into life right before your very eyes.   The movie was filled with humor, action and suspense.

"The Adventures of Tin Tin"  movie is a must-watch for Tin Tin fans as the movie is very faithful to both the cartoon and the comic book.   Despite already knowing the plot, I found every scene thrilling still.

A job well done for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson for managing to make the movie as exciting and yet, sticking to the true essence of "The Adventures of Tin Tin".

Watch "The Adventures of Tin Tin" 
and go through one of the best adventures of your life!