7 Simple Tips In Finding Happiness

This is for my friend who seems depressed.  He sleeps for more than 12 hours a day.  He always feels sad and tired.  He feels that he is hopeless or worthless and in relation to this he wants to die.  He has a difficulty in concentration.  He is very irritable.   He has unexplained headaches everyday and often on other parts of his body like his leg too.  He has a loss of appetite.  I've been watching him like this for five years.  Too bad that he and his family is in denial.  I do understand that its easy to blame others or make excuses.  But, I hope my friend reads this.

1. Be Satisfied and Thankful For The Little Things Life Has To Offer
The little things can be anything.  It can be a person , place or an object.  Remember, although they can be measured differently like based on a price tag,  you can always have your own way of giving them value.  Being rich or poor has nothing to do with this.  Always be glad for every knew experience or the things you learn.  Through this, there will never be a boring moment in your life.  

Whenever I treat my friend out for a dinner or bring him to a cool new place.  He will often shrug and tell me its nothing special.  He always tells me with a disappointed face that he couldn't eaten something more delicious if he wanted to or go somewhere better if he wanted to.  I have never seen him happy or excited about anything.  When I ask him what he thinks about something, he'd be forced to say that it's "okay".  He feels that by inviting him, I should be the one to be thankful for his attendance.  

On the other hand, I'd be happy over a scoop of cheap ice cream or even just a box of chocolates.  I could be happy just by hearing my favorite song on the radio and the like.   I'm also always eager to learn and try out knew things.   That way I could am happy everyday because there will always be something wonderful in a day. 

2. Be Optimistic

It is undeniable that there will always be something bad to happen in our lives.  But, there will always be something good corresponding to it.  Its like the common expression of the "Is the glass half empty or half full?"  My friend always saw the glass half empty.  In fact, he is always searching for the wrong or bad things that he misses out on all the good things.  Even if there is no problem at all, he finds one and makes it a big deal.  Our minds are very powerful.  We have the power to turn the outcome of our life with our mindset.  If you are not convinced then I suggest that you test it out like I did on my personal experiences.

3. Learn to Let Go
This is the counterpart of being optimistic.  You should always learn to let go.  A lot of people are afraid of optimism because it can result to disappointments and annoyance.  Well, why would you let those things irritate you or make you waste your time and energy?  Sometime, we even let them anger or let us hate them.  You already know that it will do no good so when bad things happen learn all you can from it and then throw it out and forget it ever happened.  Some people like my friend find it difficult to let go.  He even reasons his pride as an excuse.  We should learn to forgive and forget.  Some ask "How can I forgive when it hurts so much?"  Truth is, it hurts more when you hold it in and don't let go.  

4. Share the Blessing and Build Relationships
If you have learned to value other, share your blessings with them and feel the happiness twice by making them and yourself happy.  The more people you help and share with, the more it will increase your self-worth.  A simple way of sharing happiness with others is simply smile or greet them and notice how many of them will respond positively.  It's better to be fooled than be fooled.  So try to trust others and show sincerity.  Through this, you can build relationships with others and they can help you whenever you are in need.  No matter how alone you may seem, I'm sure you have your family to start with.

My friend never understood this.  He was always expecting something in return in every action he did.  He could never understand and feel the joy of simply giving.  It is because he never learned to recognized the value of others around him.  

5. Navigate Your Life, Keep Yourself Busy and Be Productive

Always do something with your valuable and limited time.  Make a goal for yourself and feel the happiness it will bring once you achieved it.  A lot of people look at work as negative when it is actually something good.  It is by setting our goals and reaching it that we find meaning in our lives and we learn to value ourselves.  Moreover, by being idle, you are letting your body depreciate.  It also allows a lot of negativity to flow into your mind.  Being productive means trying our best and getting read or blames and excuses.  It's so easy to escape from responsibilities or our mistakes by blaming others or making excuses that we never learn from it.

6. Have Faith
Remember to keep the faith.  Always pray to thank and ask for guidance whenever you are lost or confused.  We are not perfect and we will always need divine intervention.  

7. Reflect and Meditate
Always take time to appreciate and recollect your life experiences.  Sometime, you can find similarities and differences in each occurrence.  Take note of them and acknowledge your actions and mistakes and learn from them.

Perhaps, you have more tips on finding happiness?