6 Reasons To Date A Girl Gamer

Dating a girl gamer can be quite a hassle for some guys but it is actually fun. There are a lot of reasons why going out with a girl gamer can turn out to be a good experience and can even help your noobish game know-how.

1. Your Date Will be Dead Simple

One of the reasons why you should not back out on a date when you find out that she is fond of games is because the date nights would be quite simple. Sure, you will have to treat her for a night out but she would actually prefer a night in with video games. Order some food and have some drinks as you play those entertaining video games.

2. Gamer Girls Are Techie Beings
Since these girls love games, they know their way around technology. Try setting up a sound system with her or just let her help you out with RCA, HDMI and Component cables. She surely knows the differences between these things. Even if they may not know what they are, they are not afraid to learn what these things are.

3. Girl Gamers Know Their Way Around

A girl who loves to play online games can be like your tour guide. She might already have her experience with a lot of dungeons or in beating an evil mage. She can introduce you to a lot of stuff and might even share you some walkthroughs.

4. Girl Gamers Are Good At Solving Problems, Including You or Yours

If those are not yet enough, here is the fourth reason: they are great at solving puzzles. Whether it is a crossword puzzle or simply a game of survival where you need to solve a puzzle, she can give you just the help you need.

5. Girl Gamers Are Easy to Please

Now, if you have dated a girl long enough, she will surely give you amazing presents. You might want a game accessory or shirts and hoodies that display your love for games. Apart from that, another reason is that these girls will never be too grossed out whenever there is a movie about zombies or dead people walking. If you love to watch such gore movies, you will never be alone.

6. One Love

These girl gamers understand you as well as your love for games. While some would be too annoyed that you hog the computer for hours, girls who play online or video games will support you all the way. Whether it is about a new game that has been released or if it is an all-nighter for a particular launching of a game, she will always be by your side.

Girls who are great in real gaming (outside of lame cooking games realm) are really rare to the 99th power. It's a sexist world out there, but with these traits, you wouldn't mind that, would you?

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