Is Buy To Let Mortgage A Good Investment?

A lot of people think that investment is only for those who have extra cash.  When actually there are ways to invest even when you don't have the cash right now.  How?  Well, there is the buy to let mortgage where you can purchase a property through mortgage and lease it out to earn rent.

So Is Buy To Let Mortgage A Good Investment?
I'd be straight and honest with you.  All investments has its risks but as they say the higher the risk, the higher the return.  Therefore, your buy to let mortgage can be either a good or bad investment.  So how can it be a good investment?  Well, just remember the simple formula.  The rent should be able to cover for the mortgage payments.  In order to do so, you should look for those offering a reasonable mortgage plan and the location of where you intend to purchase should have a good target market of lessees.