How Crumpylicious Got From PR 0 to PR 4 of Page Rank In A Month

Last month, I was talking about having to start over because of our change in domain.  Our Page Rank was back to PR 0 when it used to be Page Rank 1.  Our Alexa became 1,500,000 million when it used to be 300,000.

I'm happy to say that after a month of observation, our page rank is now Page Rank 4.  Our 1-month old food blog which we made at the same time is now Page Rank 3.  I guess, it pays to wait and see the changes.  In terms of Alexa Rankings, our rankings now is in the 650,000 but it's okay.

So how did we do it?

A lot of people may think that achieving Page Rank 3 or 4 requires website knowledge or Search Engine Optimizations (SEO).  I can honestly say that we didn't know anything about that.  We just wrote what we felt like posting.  We had fun expressing what we wanted to say.

What Page Rank means
We used to envy blogs with high page rank but now that we have it.  It feels like an accessory that you can show but it means nothing.  It doesn't equate to traffic which really matters.   In fact, our new food blog Tsinoy Foodies doesn't have much visitors yet and is currently suffering from low traffic.

Wanting traffic doesn't mean that we write for traffic.  Having traffic simply means that what we write is being useful to our readers and of course its easy to write to please ourselves but it is like accomplishing a challenge if we are able to write to please others as well.  What do you think?  Is this logic reasonable or not?