Movie Review: Like Crazy

The Movie "Like Crazy" is a story about two L.A. university students who instantly falls in love with each other.  Anna is Bristish who decides to overstay and violate her student Visa to spend some time wiht Jacob.  Because of it she was forever banned and could no longer go back to the United States.  The story is about their struggles being in a long-distance relationship and preserving their love with each other.
This movie is a masterpiece by Drake Doremus! The beauty of the movie is how it was presented.  You see frames and scene being juggled between the past and present and between Anna and Jacob too.  I know you'd expect it to cause confusion but it made it more compelling and dramatic.  Towards the end of the movie, you'll noticed yourself absorbed in the crazy love story of the couple.  And the ending?  Well, it is sure to shatter your heart as the impact is so powerful.  It's as if every scene in the movie was properly designed just to earn your sentiments.

The acting by Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones is absolutely amazing!  The acting and the scenery made everything so believable.  No wonder Felicity Jones was awarded as "Best Actress".  She deserved it.  Bravo!  

I also noticed the music was so adequate for the movie.  It enhances the feelings and moves you.  I loved the instrumental music "Fragile".

Click below to listen to "Like Crazy" "Fragile" Soundtrack
The song "Dead Hearts" by Stars is also very good.  

I don't think the movie could have worked without the music.  The movie itself is simplistic and plain.  Don't expect any effects and such.  Otherwise, you're only going to get disappointed.

This movie kind of reminds me of a beautiful literary piece I have read before called "Dead Stars" by a Filipino author named Paz Marquez Benitez.  

This movie totally left me spaced out rethinking of my past love.  If this Romance and Drama film, doesn't move you in one way or another then I don't know what will.  Then again, I think of Kurt and this type of film would definitely bore him to sleep haha.  Hey! Don't take it from a hopeless romantic like me.  

Watch "Like Crazy" and see for yourself!