My Metro Manila Malls Christmas Attraction Collection

Merry Christmas everyone!  It's finally Christmas day.  Every year, I always have the fortunate opportunity to give gifts to loved ones and I take that as a challenge of finding the best meaningful gifts around.

During my search, I have been through many malls and have taken notice of their Christmas attractions to share them with you.

City Place Square
One of my favorite malls is City Place Square Shopping Center located in between 168 Mall and 999 Mall.  It offers the best bargains and it is not as crowded as its neighboring malls.  
City Place has a simple Christmas attraction were kids can have their pictures taken with the Chinese Santa Claus.  This Santa is wearing red Santa costume with chinese characters in it.  This chinky-eyed Santa is very generous.  Based on our observation, he gives of a bag of treats to every child that approaches him.  It contains candies and cookies.

Harrison Plaza
This tall Christmas tree is found in Harrison Plaza.  Though simple, its size makes it a perfect center piece for the mall.

Robinson's Place Midtown
This tall Christmas tree with blue lights and ribbons can be found at Robinson's midtown atrium.  
At the bottom of the Christmas tree is a Santa Claus and a chair where you can sit on while taking a photo with Santa.

Shangrila Plaza
It's a sweet and delicious Christmas at Shangrila Plaza.  I loved the creativity of their decor.  It was very colorful and nostalgic.  It reminds me of my childhood Christmas when I used to wake up with my Christmas socks filled with candies.

As a consequence of my last minute Christmas shopping, I had to wait two hours just for gift wrapping at Rustan's.  So, I decided to spend the time waiting listening to the Christmas orchestra instead.  It's so fortunate that there was a FREE orchestra at Shangrila Plaza grand atrium.

SM Megamall
SM Megamall has a wonderful decor at its Atrium.  It's Santa and his reindeers on their way up to deliver gifts.

As one of their Christmas activities, they have a story telling session for kids.

SM Mall of Asia
SM Mall of Asia's Christmas village is still the most interactive Christmas attraction I've seen.

Care to share where did you shop and what Christmas attractions did you like the most too?

Well, I got to go and spend some quality Christmas dinner time with family and relatives.  Merry Christmas!!!