It's the Year of Change... Let's All Speak Up in 2012

Year 2011 is ending as a new year is coming.  It is a year of change.  That is right!  We need not wait any year longer for us to speak up!

Let us Speak Up in 2012 to:

1. Resist Corruption

Let us stop being victims of people who abuse power.  Now that we are living in a world where everyone is connected, we can easily share what we have witnessed and prevent them from happening.  We are now empowered to make others aware.  As President Pinoy has stated in the US Open Governance forum, "people can use social media to expose corruption and other abuses as well as arouse public opinion."  Let us speak up for truth and justice!  If the people who have reported corruption cases at can do it, I'm sure all of us can do it too!

2.  Resist Cyber-bullying

We all knew that Christopher Lao didn't deserve to be bullied to that extent but we rode along anyway.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Check out my part on speaking up with my "The Issue on Christopher Lao: A Joke Gone Overboard" entry.  Imagine, if we all spoke up like that?  Another video that went viral was the Midas Marquez video where people laughed at his reaction.  How many more victims of cyber bullying will it take before we have the courage to speak up?  Let us speak up and stop it now before it affects us or our loved ones.

3. Resist piracy/copyright infringement/plagiarism

It's easy to copy and claim credit for other's work.  But, what if its your hard work that is taken away from you?  Will you wait for the time that it happens to you before you speak up against it?  There are more and more cases of piracy, copyright infringement and plagiarism that occurs each day.  In fact, we ourselves at has been plagiarized (see separate entry)  I was disheartened and almost on the verge of quitting when I found out too!  Piracy, copyright infringement and plagiarism can destroy us because it makes people lose motivation to create or innovate.   I don't even want to think about what will happen if we the world will lose its creativity because of these crimes.

4.  Resist from Receiving / Sending False Information

Having easy access to receiving and sending information makes us viable to false information.  But, we should not be silent about these things for it can cause pain and confusion to others.  We should always verify and speak up to correct such false information.

Check this example of speaking up!

5. Resist being silent and speak up for what you believe in!

Are we proud of everything that's going on around us?  If not, did we bother to speak up and make a difference?  Did we just go along the bandwagon or resist for the better good?  It's time for us to stop being the silent majority and speak up!  Let utilize our freedom of expression and speak up for what we believe in.

For my new year's wish, may it be the year of change...  Let's all Speak up in 2012!