Rhian Ramos' Statement in Tears on Mo and the Abortion Scandal Videos

We've all watched DJ Mo Twisters' side of the story, with his video and his final statement.
Mo's Side Explained by Experts

Mo Twister message through PEP

To His Friends and supporters:

“Thank you."
“I’ll try my best to come back and spend time with you guys every now and then."
“I ask them if this really gets ugly, try to understand and have an open mind kung bakit I feel this bad."
“I ask people who support me to be smart."
“A lot of what you see is heavy network machinery with the ability to spin stories, the ability to protect assets and interests."
“In this world, you have powerful enemies sometimes, not just one person but it’s a whole group of people.”

To Rhian Ramos:

“I loved you very much for a long time."
“I tried so hard to do whatever it took me to make you happy and to get your career going well."
“I’m not perfect but I tried to love you perfectly."
“There are times when my own morals have been tested."
“Even though it’s been rough, kahit masakit, kahit hindi ako agree or whatever, it is my love for Rhian that makes me agree to whatever needs to be agreed upon."
“I’m happy for her and her career, kasi this is really what she wanted—whatever it takes to get here."
“I’m happy for her and I know she has a movie [The Road] and I heard she did very well."
“I’m not angry naman at her for some of the inaccurate statements na ‘hindi tayo friends’ or whatever."
“I’m not angry because I understand it’s all done for the career."
“I hope people don’t judge her so much on the things that she said.”

Done with Mo.  What about Rhian?  It wouldn't be fair if we just checked one side of the story right?  Now, Rhian Ramos also gave her statement in tears about her situation.

I don't know what to say about this.  It seems both sides have conflicting versions both of which had a revelation of something that we would rather not know.  This exchange of statements only made the public more intrigued about them.  As I watched this, I was expecting Rhian Ramos to say something about the abortion.  But then I realized that she made a smart and logical move since it would be better for her career and legal standing in the probable case if she keeps silent about it.  What do you think?  Is this the last of the statement about the issue or are we to expect something more?  Are the fans of each taking sides as well?

Watch this video uploaded by RCSkyFlakes
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Days Later a new video about the scandal emerges...  Is this perhaps the last?
Watch Video of Rhian Ramos and Mo Recorded With Rhian's Laptop