A Night of Fun and Amazement at Uncle Sam's Flying Circus

Last night, my sister and I were fortunate enough to watch Uncle Sam's Flying Circus at SMX Convention Center (Halls 1 and 2) compliments of a co-blogger and friend, Ms. Iris Mejia of PinayAds.com.

Our show was supposed to start at 7:00 p.m. but luckily, when we arrived, the show hasn't started.  We quickly searched for snacks.  There were a lot of stalls around but the popcorn had the longest line.  I was the last one to purchase a medium cheese popcorn (80 php) before the lights went off and the show went on.

Musical performance tribute to Britney Spears with Aerial Silk Dancers
The show opened with a loud and lively Britney Spears performance with awesome aerial silk dancers.  We were amazed at how dancing in fabric could be so beautiful, graceful and stunning.

The drummer from Hawaii was pretty good with his beats.  The show wouldn't have been that lively without his percussion.
Jugglers with glow in the dark rings
What's a circus without amazing jugglers.  These daring duo were able to display balance and skills by forming different stunts while juggling at the same time.  What I liked about the juggling performance is that they added a twist by juggling with rings and pins with fire in the dark too.
Acrodancers with chair balancing
My favorite act for the night was with the Acrodancers.  The pair was so graceful while attaining gravity-defying balance.  They surprised the crowd with their almost humanly impossible formations such as lifting his partner on a hand stand while hanging on a chair.
The contortionist or the human pretzel had astounding flexibility in grace as he whirled and balanced around a stick.  This was followed by another great acrobat and a hooping act.   We enjoy the group of acrobats where the boy was being whirled in the air using only legs as well.  One of the greatest act of the night was when the boy was able to climb atop a barrel.
Double Russian Swing Act
Double Russian Swing Act
During the short intermission, we watched as kids scrambled to buy the glowing light sabers (500 php) as we bought more drinks and frosty from Wendy's.  The show resumed with the Double Russian Swing Act.    The crowd watch in excitement as a group of men swinged higher and higher.  Soon, they flew high in the air and dived through the round orange hoops.

There was another Aerial Silk performance but this time, it was with in-air tumbles.  There was a hilarious clown who played with both kids and adult audiences.  As expected, there was a tumbling performance.  We also met the strongest man in the world. =D

Pole Climbing Acrobats
Pole Climbing Acrobats
The show became even more thrilling as pole climbing acrobats showcased their talent.  They were able to flawlessly perform they stunts in synchronization and balance.
Lady Gaga performance with Corde Lisse Performers

Corde Lisse
The show ended with a bang as a tribute to Lady Gaga was performed with Corde Lisse stunts.  The kids waved their glowing light sabers into the air to cheer.
Our Seat Location E11 and E12
Overall, the show was awesome!  This is a must watch for kids and kids-at-heart.  This is a good opportunity to spend a night of fun and amazement with  the entire family.  But, if ever you'd watch a show as great as Uncle Sam's Flying Circus, I'd advise you get a better seating than we did.  We were located at the almost left most part of the audience and the view was not so good there.  Get your tickets and choose the best seats (in the middle) at http://www.ticketworld.com.ph/ before its too late.