My Top 8 Criteria in Choosing a Chiropractor

After spending a lot on Acupuncture, sad to say it didn't help with my eczema. 
My eczema is still spreading as of today.  But, I don't think it is acupuncture but the skill and technique of the performer that matters.
I am now very curious to try another functional alternative medicine - chiropractic medicine.

I have been surfing the net and looking for more information about chiropractors.
And, I discovered that what they do are so broad.
At first,  I had the impression that they only cover neuromuscular disorders but no they cover so much more.
But like my acupuncture, I think one chiropractor varies with another one.
In fact, they have a broad range of technique, procedure and skills.

So its really tough to choose which one right?
I have listed a few criteria in selecting:

1. Reputation
Does the chiropractor have an established reputation in your area?
Have they been recommended by your friends?

2. Accreditation and Association
Do they have any accreditation or are they a member of a chiropractic association?  I think professionals can recognize one another better.  We us patients who have no education on the field cannot simply trust ourselves right?

3. Approach and Techniques
Do they adopt an approach and technique that you feel can address your needs?  Do they treat the root cause and not the symptoms?

4. Experience
Have they dealt with problems that are similar to yours?

5. Guarantee
Do they guarantee satisfaction for the treatment?

6. Modern equipment
Do they have modern equipment? to better diagnose your problem?

7. Recommendation
Are they open to listen about your problem and explain their criteria prior to preparing you a recommendation?  Do they advise you measure to prevent or follow through after your treatments?

8. Costs

Can you afford it?  Do they offer a flexible payment scheme for you to be able to handle the treatment expense?  Do they give you an accurate estimate prior to starting a series of treatment?