Jack Ma Quote Collection And Lessons (Shared to the DLSU Students)

1. Learn the mistake the others are making to know what to do when the mistakes happen to you.
(not how you avoid a mistake but how you face it)

2.  Do not find the best people, find the right people. 
There are no best people.  The best people is in your own company.

3. Change yourself and do not believe that you are always right.

4. It is important for small business to dream big. The big businesses should take small steps.  They should also seek to change, even slowly, in order to be more relevant to people’s needs.

5.  There should be a group of people with crazy dream, not just 1 person with crazy dream.  If it is a group dream, it will go farther.
6.  If your customer like it, your team like it, then it is a good idea.

7.  If you complain, be sure to have solution.  If you don't have solution, don't complain. 
Don't complaint to others.  Just complain to yourself.  Check your own problem.

8.  Be simple, stay foolish and no matter just continue.

9.   Where there is complaint, there is opportunity.

10.  In prioritizing, pick up things that you are passion about, things you love to do, things you can sustain.  Because the things you love, the things you are good at, it will last long.

11.  Whether study or work, you have learn.  You have to put all the knowledge into practice. 

12.  Traditional education is not matching the realties of the economy and the environment.

13.  Don't invite your best friends to form a company with you.  Don't.  I see many tragedies.
There are cases where they succeed.  But, the most fails make friends with them once they're in the company treat them. 

14.  Friendship is based on trust.  Your team trust you.  When they are in trouble spend time with them.   Business is friendship building.  Friendship is about trust building.  No friend, no business.
No trust, no friendship.

When you are 20-30 years old, find a good boss, a good boss is better than a good company.  A good boss would discipline you, train you, develop you.
When you are 30-40 years old, do something for yourself.
When you are 40-50, do something you are good at.
When you are 50-60, focus on helping young people.
When you are 60-80, spend time with your grand children.
16. You will never make big mistakes, where you don’t have money.
17. No matter how smart you are, if you don’t know how to work with people, your dreams will just be dreams.  
18. You have to change all the time. We don't care about if people say we are crazy. We care about, is this really different?  Keep innovating. 
19. I believe it is not the technology that changes the world, but the dream behind that technology. 
20.  Young people who want to do lots of things is better than young people who has lots of things to do.
21. Don't be discouraged when people don't help you.

22. Sometimes MBAs can make you stupid.

Lessons on Market Trend
  1. Data Technology > Internet Technology
  • I think he is referring to how we can use of tons of data gathered to our advantages opposed to inventing an information system
     2. 80% Online

     3. Consumer to Producer (C2P)

     4. Important to:
         a. have a mentor
         b. be money reaching
         c. be market reaching
         d. be technology reaching

     5. The importance of sales should be understood in all the processes.

Lessons on Yourself

    1. Be Unique

   2. EQ > LQ > IQ