All Dogs Go To Heaven: Kiwi in My Dream (Pet Obituaries)

Last October 9, 2017, my thoughts brought me back to my recollection of noticing Kiwi becoming thinner and thinner.  I started to feel a bit sad and regretful that if I brought her to check up then maybe I could have saved her. 

pet valley wake
Then I remembered the last time I saw her, the shock I had when I saw and touched her cold corpse at the vet's examination table and the time I saw her body during her wake.

pet valley wake

That made me miss patting and touching he warm and lively shaking body as she excitedly wags her tail.
pet valley wake
Pet Valley Crematory

Then I fell into deep sleep and lost track of time.  I saw Kiwi on her down and very relaxed stance.  There was like a wide beam of light as vast as the sea between us.  It was all bright and white ray like a LED light.  I called her "Kiwi! Kiwi! Kiwi!".  But, she couldn't hear me.

So I shouted my heart out and even felt hot tears trickle down my eyes as I called out "Kiwi! Kiwi! once again.  This made her look up at me.  She titled her head as if surprised and wondering what I was doing there.    (Her shiny curious eyes and tilting head is the same look she has when she doesn't understand my commands or why I am scolding her.)

Suddenly, we could communicate in our minds without using any of the five senses we use here on Earth.  She told me that she has to go but it is okay.

We were instantly transported to a new place.  It was all white with so many dogs.  They were all showing each other affection and playing with each other like our dogs do.

And then, I saw one that looks like lychee (my maltese whose with my ex).  I said, "Wow! She looks just like Lychee.  But, wait a minute.  Lychee isn't dead yet.  How can she be here?"

Kiwi said, " That's right.  Here everyone is welcome!  There is no difference whether you are dead or alive and dreaming just like you.  And, it doesn't matter where they come from either... whether far away or just in the neighborhood.  Speaking of which... you have to go back now."

Then suddenly, I smelled the scent of alcohol or a hint of the white flower oil I rubbed on my mosquito bite.  I felt the cool air from the air-conditioning touching my skin.  I can feel my presence inside the bed room.  I could feel my heart beating very fast and calming down as I could feel myself breathing.  As soon as my heart settled down, my cellphone alarm rang and I woke up.  But unlike most dreams, I could vividly remember everything... the sensation, the conversations and the visions.