My Eulogy for Kiwi (Featuring Pet Valley Park and Crematory)

R.I.P Kiwi September 26, 2017... I will never forget this day when I was just planning to head over to the vet to visit you.  But, you left us that morning...

pet valley park and crematory
I will never forget that night as I wait for Pet Valley's service to pick you up... I will never forget the next day when I took a day off from work just to prepare and visit your wake.

pet valley park and crematory
During my time at Pet Valley Park and Crematory, I wrote you this eulogy...

pet valley park and crematory
Eulogy for Kiwi
Dear Kiwi,
I don't know why you chose me as your master.
In the first place, I didn't choose you.
I was never a dog lover.
Yet, your eyes light up with my every word.
You'd wag your tail as you welcome me home.
And, you'd wag your tail even more as I call your name.
You'd obey and trust me even when you are whimpering in fear...
whether it be a visit to the vet, taking bitter medicines or walking side by side jeepneys.
pet valley park and crematory
You have been my most loyal companion. (for 9 years...)
You're much of foodie and an explorer as I am.
No one else but you would come running to the kitchen...
and just happily lay there sniffing the scent of my dishes.

pet valley park and crematory
Whenever I go down freshly bathed,
you look at me with the most adorable puppy dog eyes...
and tilted wrinkly head asking me to take you for a short walk.
You know I couldn't resist that as you wag your tail in excitement.
Thus, we've gone out on hundreds of short walks.
Yet, how I wish we had more of those.

pet valley park and crematory
Wherever I'd go you'd lay nearby.
Each night you'd lay by my footside.
My bed isn't big or spacious...
so each night you'd be careful to grant me
as much legroom as you can.
And, each morning you'd wake and lift your head up...
just for a pat on the head as I go on my way to work.

pet valley park and crematory
We humans think we are far more superior and wiser.
But the truth is, I only taught you to do tricks for the first few weeks.
You're the one who taught me a lot more.
You can do two things no person I know can ever do.
1. Love unconditionally
2. Sustain positivity, grace and happiness
Even during your last days, you were still overflowing with love and care for others.
You never neglect to groom the other dogs...
even when you are wobbly for your own balance.

pet valley park and crematory
I used to be so weak as my energy and mood fluctuated
and I let myself be shrouded in doubts, fears, anger, and negativity.
I was fortunate to have you as my consistent source and pillar of light.
With your gleaming eyes, smile and energetic tail wagging,
you made me feel that everything will be alright.

pet valley park and crematory
You showed me that it is not the number of years we live..
But, how fruitful we live that matters.
You showed me the true power that comes from within.

pet valley park and crematory
You were never the strongest or the healthiest.
But, you're the pack leader because...
you have the greatest heart, soul, and spirit.
You are a being that is overflowing with goodness.
You don't need brute or force to gain respect,
your mere presence is enough to make you shine.

pet valley park and crematory
You opened my heart and showed me the value of empathy and connection.
Just by your eyes, the tilt of your head and the vibrancy of your tail wags,
I have learned to understand you.
And, I'd like to believe you understood me too.

pet valley park and crematory
Whenever I am sad or sick, you are instantly by my side.
Wherever you are not feeling well, I'd instantly know...
by the way you caress and surrender your head on my leg or
the palm of my hand for me to brush through your head.

pet valley park and crematory
During those times, you made me feel as if my touch was so powerful
as you close your eyes calmly and comfortably as if having a great relief.

pet valley park and crematory
Till the very last moment, I wished that was true...
I tried my best to be so strong...
so I could lend you some strength.
And, each time you made me believe...

pet valley park and crematory
I vividly remember the very last time...
You were the very fast and the first among the dogs...
to  welcome me with the same bright eyes
as your tail wagged trying not to make me see you limping
kiwis wake
I know that is how you want to be remembered...
To me, you will always be bright and strong...
And, I promise I will be too...
I know that's how you want me to be.