Movie Review: The Interview (Spoiler Alert!)

So much fuzz about the controversial movie "The Interview" made us all want to watch it.  Thus, it was decided to be our official family Christmas Movie for 2014 since Sony released it earlier today through Google Play, YouTube Movies, Microsoft's Xbox Video and  Watching it at home with a bunch of people (around 20 of us) made it even more fun.

The movie opens with a song in Korea insulting America.  Then, it suddenly shifts back to the celebrity tabloid show "Skylark Tonight" hosted by Dave Skylark (James Franco).  They've been interviewing various big celebrities and bring them into shame.  After their successful 1000th episode where Enimem admits he's gay, Dave brings his show producer Aaron Rapaport (Seth Rogen) to his surprise party.  While it was a celebratory party, Aaron meets his former classmate, a producer of a news show, who makes him feel crappy for giving people stuff that don't matter.  This made him want to move on to more serious interviews and that's when Dave and him cooked the idea of interviewing the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Kim Jong-Un (Randall Park) said to be a fan of their show.  After being permitted for the interview, they are contacted by the CIA through Agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan) for a mission to assassinate Kim Jong-Un.  (Of course, this has already been revealed by the news as the controversial issue).  The plot itself was interesting enough to make you watch it till the end as you want to know whether the two wackos: Dave and Aaron are persistent in fulfilling the mission and should they attempt to, would they be able to achieve it.

The acting skills of the casts especially James Franco deserves distinction here.  A great weight of the movie relied on James and he successfully pulled through.  The due of James Franco and Seth Golden is superb.  The two haven't been together since the Freaks and Geeks.  Getting the two greens: Green Goblin and The Green Hornet together to make tons of green jokes was a great idea.

The production in terms of sound and effects was okay but nothing spectacular.  The setting were also limited so you'd wonder why it cost 44 million USD to make.

The movie is mostly comedy but there are a few action and gory blood-splattering scenes that enhanced the humor.  The jokes were a mix bag.  I thought the main issue was the plot of the movie.  But, as the movie went on, I noticed that there are insult comedy involve which includes satire and political jokes that attacks the "fictional" character of Kim Jong-Un and his political ways.  But, before we get too serious and even connect watching this movie with patriotism, let us first set our minds that this is a light funny slapstick comedy.  The plot is completely exaggerated, senseless and impossible.  Moreover, there were a lot of movies prior to this that had the same kind of humor which did not rise to controversies.  There were a lot of harmless green jokes and stupid jokes too.  The moronic acts of the duo made as laugh hysterically.  Some of the jokes are generational and current so we can relate to it but the next ones won't. 
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Overall, I enjoyed the The Interview and highly recommend watching it for fun!