First Trimester Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is probably the biggest passage of right into womanhood for any lady.  Many will even consider it as a lifetime achievement.  Indeed, the hardship a woman goes through deserves a recognition.   Pregnancy is a 9-month period with different stages.

First trimester is probably the toughest trimester during the entire pregnancy if not the third trimester. This is the time where a woman suffers the most from morning sickness, nausea, headaches and vomiting. Most women lose their appetite during the first trimester. If you are in your first trimester right now, it could be really difficult but you need to eat as much as possible. First trimester is a crucial part since this is the time that your baby starts to develop, say the experts at It’s important that you’re able to provide more and more nutrition to your baby. You can try to eat small meals like crackers, fruits and vegetables. You don’t need to eat full meals if you really can’t but you can instead eat smaller meals from time to time. Make sure you’re also properly hydrated. Dehydration is something to worry about during pregnancy, so drinks lots of water. Most of all, do not forget your prenatal vitamins, your baby needs them the most. Trying to stay healthy for your baby while you’re feeling sick is very difficult to do but you have to just try your best for your baby. 

Once you go through this stage, you've overcome a major hurdle but it's not over yet.  But, I'm sure for your baby, you'll surpass any obstacle that will come your way.  That is how strong a mother's love is.