How To Crop Video With Movavi Video Editor

You must have come across situation when there are unwanted things in a video. You might have wanted to crop the not required parts so that the viewers can completely focus on the important parts. With the Movavi video editor your task becomes very easy and in just some simple steps you can crop the video clips.

For starting off you need to download and install the Video Editor. Once the installation process is complete you need to select and add the video that you wish to crop. There are two modes that are available for working. Timeline mode is the default mode and the other is Storyboard. Storyboard mode is a simpler mode where you can work with a single track at a time for the videos and images. Whereas, the Timeline mode lets you work with multiple video, audio and title tracks at the same time. Storyboard is the mode you should use if you only want to crop your video. Switching between the two modes is very simple. You need to select the media file you want to crop and drop it on the working area below the media tab.

From the preview area you can click the crop button. Choose and define the area you want to crop. And that’s all you have to do. However, it lets you do much more than just cropping. It lets you even merge and split and enhance video quality by adding special effects, adding music, captions and many more things.

The video that you have edited and prepared can also be saved for viewing on different devices. You can burn it to DVD or upload it online right away. All you need to do is click the save movie button and choose the option and mode that you want it in. Remember to specify the format that you want or the device that you want and also to set the settings if required. After all this you just need to click SAVE and you will be good to go.