Coca-Cola® 5 by 20 Empowering Women Micro-Entrepreneurs

Coca-Cola's new campaign 5 by 20 is one that is close to my heart.  The campaign's goal is to have 5 million women micro-entrepreneurs by 2020.

My grandmother was a sari-sari store owner and she was my hero.  When my grandparents settled in Ilocos, my grandfather would spend his day picking up garbage while my grandmother would chip in from her sari-sari store. 

She started with a humbly small sari-sari store at the edge of their rented one-storey house.   I can still recall the sari-sari store with wooden board sponsored by Coca-Cola®.  It had Coke logo on the left and Sprite on the right.   Through my grandparents joint effort, they were able to raise my parents and her 5 siblings successfully. 

I have a high respect for micro-entrepreneurs who try to make their business grow despite their limited funds by exerting more effort and passion into it.   These women entrepreneurs are not just for the money.  By putting their heart into it, . they play an essential part in the community and touch lives.

Through Coca-Cola's 5 by 20 campaign,  female sari-sari store owners will be  provided with trainings and seminars to develop their skills, financial support to expand their investment capabilities and more.  I'm glad Coca-Cola® recognizes their importance as the pillar of the Coca-Cola® business and much much more.  I look forward to the success of the campaign.