Extant: RTL CBS Entertainment HD Premieres January 6

        A new series starring Academy Award winner Halle Berry and executive produced by Steven Spielberg called Extant will be first and exclusive on RTL CBS Entertainment HD.   

        Berry stars as Molly Woods, a female astronaut working for ISEA returning from a  13-month out space solo mission.  She tries to reconnect with her family: husband John Woods played by critically claimed Croatian-born actor for his role in the seried "ER" Goran Visnjic and android robotic son Ethan Woods casted by Pierce Gagnon who has played alongside Hollywood big league players like Bruce Willis and George Clooney.

          Molly becomes shocked to find out that she is pregnant upon her return.  While her husband John, CEO of Humanichs Corp. enthusiastically develops their son Ethan with the hope that one day Humanichs and humans will work side by side.  As Molly struggles to solve the mysterious event that happened to her in outer space, their family is being rocked by Ethan's unpredictable development.   

         Extant is a story about family with a cool futuristic timeline and a mystery, sci-fi and thrilling plot.  It premieres on January 6, 2015 (Tuesday) 9:55 pm. Watch and find out why it's a premiere rating topper climbing to 51% for adult viewers belonging to 18-49 years of age range.