Taylor Dayne & Edwin McCain Live In Manila: Our Experience at SM Arena

Last week, we got to watch Taylor Dayne & Edwin McCain Live In Manila courtesy of Ferds.  Despite being a rainy night, we were all hyped up for it.  It was our first time to watch at SM Arena too.  

Taylor Dayne and Edwin McCain Live In Manila
We were seated at the front center lower box so we had a really nice view.  The show time was supposed to be 8 p.m. but it started at 9 p.m.  SM Arena doesn't allow food and drinks from the outside so we bought at the Snack Centers inside.  A lot of people assumed wrongly that they'd be allowed to bring in the Starbucks drinks they bought form the Starbucks along the SM Arena so the baggage counter was filled with a lot of them.

Watch Edwin McCain Shooting Stars

The show begun with songs from Edwin McCain: Shooting Stars, I'll Be, Couldn't Ask For More, Walk With You, Beautiful Life and more!

After the intermission, the King of RnB Jay-R sang a few Filipino songs.

Then the show went lively as Taylor Dayne performed her famous disco songs.  They were some heartbreaking pop songs too like Love Will Lead You Back, I'll Always Love You, Can't Get Enough Of You Love, Prove Your Love and Tell It To My Heart.

The concert is a clash of two genres and from artists from a different musical era.  But somehow it worked.  We had fun! =D